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Amazon Rainforest Lodge

Amazon Rainforest Lodge is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, on the right bank of the Momon River, a 45 minute boat ride from the Nanay port of the city of Iquitos.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable voyage to the enchanted Peruvian Amazon. Your own private guide will accompany you during your stay.

The Amazon Rainforest Lodge is located on the slow moving Momon river, which is a tributary of the Nanay river which leads into the mighty Amazon. The journey from the port of the city of Iquitos to the lodge is just 45 minutes by boat.

Come and join us for an unforgettable trip into the Amazon rainforest. Stay for a few days and nights and enjoy the feeling of being at one with nature with all the creature comforts. Our private English speaking guide accompanies each group. We visit three indigenous tribes in the area (Yaguas, Jibaros, Boras) and trek through the rainforest to observe the fauna and flora (please see our detailed list for all the activities).

The lodge

The Amazon Rainforest Lodge has 22 large bungalows with private bathrooms; all bungalows are interconnected by wooden covered walkways. We have our own kitchen, restaurant, bar, we have two swimming pools, a large one for adults and a small one for small children, monkeys, parrots, macaws and other animals and two lookout towers with a wonderful view. Our skilled chef prepares delicious local specialties from food grown in the area.

We have our own speedboats and several canoes, and we also use Pamacari style wooden boats for larger groups. For transport inside the city of Iquitos we have our own bus and 4 x 4 Nissan vehicle.

5 days itinerary

Day 1 Iquitos/City Tour/Momon River/Lodge
Day 2 Lodge
Day 3 Lodge
Day 4 Lodge/Full Day Amazonas river
Day 5 Lodge//Yagua Indians/Pilpintuwasi/Iquitos


4 days itinerary

Day 1 Iquitos/City Tour/Momon River/Lodge
Day 2 Lodge
Day 3 Lodge
Day 4 Lodge//Yagua Indians/Pilpintuwasi/Iquitos


3 days itinerary

Day 1 Iquitos/City Tour/Momon River/Lodge
Day 2 Lodge
Day 3 Lodge//Yagua Indians/Pilpintuwasi/Iquitos


2 days itinerary

Day 1 Iquitos/City Tour/Momon River/Lodge
Day 2 Lodge//Yagua Indians/Pilpintuwasi/Iquitos


5 days itineray


Day 1: Iquitos/City Tour/Momon River/Lodge
Our Guide collects you from the airport or your hotel in our private bus. You will be accompanied by a permanent English speaking Guide during the whole trip. City tour of the principal attractions of Iquitos:

  • The Main Square, The Catholic Cathedral,
  • The cast Iron House built by Eiffel, The Boulevar
  • Visit the Municipal Museum
  • We board our speedboat for the trip up the Nanay and Momon rivers.
  • Visit the Boras Indigenous Tribe
  • Visit to the Serpentarium to see snakes and other exotic animals.

Upon arrival at the Lodge we are warmly greeted with a welcome drink made of local tropical fruits.
Canoe rides on the river

Day 2: Lodge
(Optional) we rise at the crack of dawn, around 5:30 am, for an hour long canoe ride upriver to enjoy the great variety of bird life.

  • Hike through the jungle to explore the rainforest.
  • Visit the Jibaro Indigenous Tribe.
  • Visit to the small villages of Gen Gen and Centro Fuerte to learn their customs and habits.
  • Visit the “Chullachaki” Mini- Zoo
  • Our Guide fascinates us with tales of the jungle

Day 3: Lodge
Taking a hike to the Trapiche where you will taste delicious sugarcane liquor. Fishing to harvest the abundant variety of fish in the river. We have a musical jungle jam session using a variety of local acoustic instruments.

Day 4: Lodge/Full Day Amazonas river

  • Full Day in the Amazonas river
  • Visit to the Monkey Island
  • Excursion on the Amazon river to see the pink or grey dolphins

Day Five: Lodge//Yagua Indians/Pilpintuwasi/Iquitos

  • Visit the Yagua Indigenous Tribe
  • Visit to Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm
  • We head back to the city of Iquitos.
  • Observation of the meeting of the waters Nanay and Momon River
  • Tour Amazonas and Itaya rivers.
    City Tours:
  • The floating city of Belen also known as the Venice of the Jungle,
  • Quistococha Zoo and Lake.

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