Explore in Style with Private Amazon Riverboat Charters

Picture gliding down the Amazon river, the world’s lifeline of biodiversity. With a riverboat charter, this becomes your reality—personalized and up close. It’s not just any trip; it’s your adventure tailored to immerse you in nature’s grandeur and cultural richness.

If your traveling with family or a group of friends – You’ll get why private charters trump traditional cruise bookings, offering flexibility that turns travel into transformation. We’re talking exclusive stops at hidden gems along Brazil, Peru, or Ecuador—each with its own allure—and experiences designed for those on board.

It is also the ideal trip for your company outing. Group activities include kayaking, skiff excursions, scavenger hunts, wildlife checklists. Fine dining on board, no packing and unpacking and a program tailored your group.

By journey’s end? You’ll have navigated more than a river—you’ll have woven through the very fabric of Amazonian life itself.

Embrace the Enchantment of Amazon Riverboat Charters

Imagine slipping through a world where emerald canopies reflect on the glassy water and every turn reveals a new wonder. That’s exactly what you get when you charter an Amazon riverboat. This isn’t just any trip; it’s your personal escape into the heart of biodiversity.

A private riverboat charter whispers freedom—freedom to explore hidden tributaries, linger in the presence of playful pink dolphins, or wake up to mornings wrapped in misty rainforest serenades. You’re not following a set schedule; you’re composing your own symphony with nature as your muse.

With Voyagers Travel Company at the helm, expect nothing less than exceptional. With over 20 years expertise, you will have a personal travel advisor that will shape the journey based on your preferences. The result: a carefree vacation that touch both soul and senses, ensuring each moment is tailored just for you and yours. So go ahead, give yourself over to this lush realm: charter an Amazonian vessel, watch sunsets paint skies unimaginable colors and remember why exploring our planet is always worth it.

Travel on one of our Amazon charters with us

Why Choose a Private Amazon Riverboat Charter

You’re gliding down the Amazon, surrounded by whispers of the rainforest and water lapping against your private vessel. A private charter on the world’s largest river isn’t just about luxury; it’s about crafting an experience that’s as unique as the ecosystem around you.

The Personal Touch​

Aboard a chartered riverboat, your group sets the pace. There are no preset schedules or competing interests—just pure exploration tailored to your whims. Whether it's lingering in a spot where pink dolphins play or steering toward uncharted tributaries, the choices are yours. It's like having a floating boutique hotel with one notable perk: privacy to soak up every moment without distractions.

Beyond Cookie-Cutter Tours

Say goodbye to generic tours that box everyone into the same experience. Your itinerary is drawn from scratch based on what lights up your curiosity—from witnessing macaws' vibrant dance at dawn to fishing for piranhas at dusk. This flexibility lets you dive deeper into local culture and wildlife than most could dream of aboard larger vessels designed for masses. Activities are planned but not set in stone. The equipment is ready for you to use: fly fishing equipment for an angler escape, a fleet of kayaks ready to take you into hidden streams, Skifs (the speedy boats that can help you track elusive wildlife by reaching trails faster), a gourmet kitchen that follows you, an air conditioned cabin that is ready for you to relax after a day out in the jungle.

An Unrivaled Experience in Comfort

Elegance doesn’t take a backseat when venturing deep into nature’s realm aboard these charters. Modern amenities mesh seamlessly with rustic charm onboard crafts such as those offered by our selection of riverboats, ensuring comfort while providing an authentic window into Amazonian life—a harmony not found on larger cruise ships which often skim over intimate details due to their size constraints. We have a broad selection of riverboats and departure ports to chose from.

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Charter Boats from Manaus (Brazil)

Charter Boats from Iquitos (Peru)

Charter Boats from El Coca (Ecuador)

The Distinct Advantages of Chartering Over Booking cabin spaces

Important savings and Discounts

When you charter a riverboat your group saves 10% or more on the entire booking. The standard discount in Amazon cruises is 1 free guest for every 15 that pay. With a charter you get this discount plus you pay the standard cabin rates for suites and premium cabins.

Selecting Your Ideal Amazonian Vessel

Choosing the right riverboat for your Amazon adventure is like picking out a fine wine—it needs to complement the occasion perfectly. With options from traditional wooden crafts that whisper of ancient journeys to sleek, modern yachts that offer luxury in the wild, there’s a vessel for every taste and group size.

The Traditional Touch: Classic Riverboats

If you're after authenticity, consider chartering a classic riverboat. These vessels often boast hand-carved details and echo with stories of the past. Picture yourself gliding through rainforest reflections while lounging on decks lined with tropical hardwoods—a nod to simpler times but with all necessary comforts. Yet remember, charm doesn't mean compromise; many traditional boats are fitted with contemporary amenities such as air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms to ensure your journey is both genuine and comfortable.

Sailing in Style: Luxury Charters

For those who relish refinement amidst nature’s expanse, luxury charters serve up elegance on water. Here's where opulence meets exploration—think gourmet meals under starlit canopies or jacuzzis offering panoramic jungle views. You don't just explore; you indulge. Your group can enjoy spacious suites and social areas designed for comfort without sacrificing intimate access to one of Earth's most vibrant ecosystems.

Finding Your Fit: Size Matters

Picking the perfect-sized vessel ensures intimacy without cramping style—or space. Smaller boats might cater well for tight-knit groups seeking seclusion amongst serenading cicadas. But if you're bringing more friends along for this aquatic escapade, larger yet still private options let everyone join without jostling elbows at dinner tables or during wildlife spotting sessions.

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Crafting Your Amazon River Itinerary

Imagine the freedom of plotting a course through the verdant veins of the Amazon, with every twist and turn tailored to your whims. That’s exactly what you get when you charter an Amazon riverboat.

Your group has unique tastes, right? Maybe Bob is all about birdwatching while Linda dreams of twilight fishing for piranhas. Well, good news. A private charter doesn’t just accommodate these interests; it celebrates them by letting you craft each day to fit your crew’s vibe perfectly. You decide how long to linger in wildlife-rich spots or when to engage with local communities – no preset schedules here.

So let’s talk specifics—what goes into creating this bespoke journey? First off, select a vessel that floats your boat (pun intended). Options range from rustic charm to modern luxury. Next up: pinpoint those must-visit destinations along the mighty river – will it be Brazil’s vibrant Manaus or perhaps Iquitos in Peru?

You’ll also want insider knowledge on secret lagoons and secluded tributaries only accessible by smaller boats – because who doesn’t love feeling like Indiana Jones now and then? Plus, think beyond sightseeing; plan for activities like kayaking excursions where silence is golden except for the chorus of jungle sounds.

The beauty lies in details such as coordinating with chefs onboard about menu preferences—maybe trying regional dishes featuring exotic fruits or sustainably caught fish. Trust me; dining under an endless canopy of stars adds flavor better than any spice could.

In short, crafting your itinerary means painting on a canvas where nature provides limitless hues—and hey, isn’t that why we travel?

Must-Visit Destinations Along the Amazon River

Main Sites on the Brazil Amazon River

Manaus is your gateway to adventure—a vibrant city buzzing with history before giving way to untamed wilderness. Venture into Anavilhanas National Park, where hundreds of islands form a labyrinthine aquatic wonderland perfect for wildlife spotting and soul-searching canoe trips. Not far from there lies Meeting of Waters, where the dark Rio Negro meets sandy Solimões River but don’t mix right away—the sight is truly something else.

Rio negro sunset

Main Sites on the Ecuadorian Amazon River

In Ecuador’s slice of paradise lies Coca City—start your journey here amidst local markets rich with indigenous crafts before plunging into Yasuni National Park. Recognized as one of earth’s biodiversity hotspots Yasuní, houses jaguars prowling beneath canopies while parrots paint skies above.

Main Sites on the Ecuadorian Amazon River

In Ecuador’s slice of paradise lies Coca City—start your journey here amidst local markets rich with indigenous crafts before plunging into Yasuni National Park. Recognized as one of earth’s biodiversity hotspots Yasuní, houses jaguars prowling beneath canopies while parrots paint skies above.

The Beauty of Biodiversity at Pañacocha

Cultural Immersion Amidst Nature's Splendor

But it isn't just about wildlife spotting! A visit to Pañacocha also presents opportunities to interact with local communities living harmoniously with nature. You will gain insights into their traditional way of life, making this journey not only a feast for your senses but also an enriching cultural immersion.

A Gourmet Experience in the Heartland

Your voyage wouldn't be complete without savoring authentic Amazonian cuisine. Our private chefs on board create delectable dishes using locally sourced ingredients that promise a unique gastronomic adventure right in the heartland!

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Main Sites on the Peruvian Amazon River

Iquitos stands proudly isolated—reachable only by boat or plane—and serves as your launchpad into Peru’s lush realms. Float past Pacaya-Samiria Reserve boasting pink dolphins leaping beside boats and sloths lounging among branches—it’s nature at its finest hour.

Discover these treasures aboard Voyagers Travel Company charters—an odyssey across three nations each holding secrets between their banks waiting just for you.

Iquitos Peru

Which country is best for an Amazon riverboat charter?

Our opinion here is very simple. You pick the country that is easiest to reach for you. You can also decide depending on the rest of your trip. For example, if visiting Machu Picchu then the Peruvian Amazon is your best choice. If you are exploring the Galapagos Islands, choose the Ecuador Amazon and if heading to Rio and the beaches, your best bet is to explore the Amazon from Manaus.

Pick a country and start exploring:

Deciding where to start your Amazon riverboat adventure is like picking a favorite ice cream flavor—each country offers a distinct experience. Brazil brings grand waterways and biodiversity, Peru mixes culture with nature, and Ecuador promises intimate encounters with wildlife.

Activities Galore for Every Adventurer​

Fishing Excursions

If battling behemoth fish sparks excitement within your group, peacock bass fishing top’s every anglers to-do-list. But let me tell you, it’s more than thrusting lines into water; it’s understanding ecosystems and respecting aquatic life while still enjoying nature’s thrill ride.

amazon river tour
Acacia Amazon Cruise Experiences

Serene Canoe Trips

Paddling along tributaries offers another level of connection—one where every stroke brings you closer to understated wonders often missed by speedier crafts. It lets tranquility wash over like gentle rainforest rains softening distant horizons.

Serene Canoe Trips

Paddling along tributaries offers another level of connection—one where every stroke brings you closer to understated wonders often missed by speedier crafts. It lets tranquility wash over like gentle rainforest rains softening distant horizons.

Acacia Amazon Cruise Experiences

Cultural Experiences

Your voyage serves as more than mere exploration—it’s an exchange between souls across cultures. Visiting local villages provides insight into lifestyles shaped by river rhythms in profound ways we city-dwellers can barely grasp but will certainly never forget after sharing such authentic moments together on this journey.

Rainforest Activities and Tours to Do on Your Cruise

A Taste of the Amazon - Culinary Delights Onboard

You’re gliding along the serene waters of the Amazon, surrounded by a symphony of wildlife and verdant forest. But what truly makes your riverboat charter unforgettable? The explosion of flavors from dishes crafted with local ingredients by onboard chefs, bringing a slice of the rainforest to your plate.

The Fusion Cuisine on Deck

Your taste buds are in for a journey as vibrant as the scenery. Chefs aboard Amazon riverboats blend indigenous traditions with contemporary techniques. They serve up arapaima also know as paiche —Amazon's giant fish—with flair, complemented by tropical fruits like camu-camu that pack a punch both in nutrients and zest. Freshness is not just an option; it's guaranteed when herbs and spices come straight from local markets or even onboard herb gardens. Each meal becomes an adventure within an adventure—an exploration into culinary biodiversity few get to experience elsewhere.

Eco-Friendly Gourmet Experiences

Dining on these charters isn't just delicious; it's conscious. Menus designed around sustainable practices highlight how luxury can coexist with environmental stewardship—a core value for many travelers today. Think sustainably caught or farmed fish served alongside manioc, a root vegetable staple turned gourmet under expert hands. Chefs also often engage guests directly, sharing stories behind each dish—perhaps about yucca harvested earlier that day or chocolate made from beans sourced at nearby cacao plantations—to forge deeper connections between diners and their sumptuous surroundings.

Bespoke Dining That Mirrors Your Day’s Discoveries

No two days are alike on these chartered escapades—and neither are any two meals. If you've spent your afternoon spotting exotic birds or fishing for peacock bass, expect dinner to reflect those experiences through its ingredients or presentation styles which nod subtly to traditional crafts observed during village visits. The creativity unleashed in crafting these menus ensures every dining moment feels personal yet expansive—the very essence of tailor-made travel brought forth onto your tablecloth beneath twinkling canopy stars.

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Dining with exotic flavors

Amazon riverboat dining is more than just a meal—it’s an immersive journey of flavors where local cuisine meets gourmet artistry, all served with a side of sustainability and storytelling.

Chefs turn fresh Amazonian ingredients into eco-friendly culinary adventures, creating bespoke menus that echo the day’s discoveries under the rainforest canopy.

Booking your riverboat charter with Voyagers travel advisor

Reach out to one of our experts and plan your riverboat charter, trip extensions and logistics all done for your by a professional with in depth local knowledge.