Amazon Rainforest Weather

Weather in the Amazon Rainforest

It rains, and it rains a lot. In general this the climate for the Amazon rainforest, yet there are distinct rainy and dry seasons varying on the north and south of the equator line.

North of the equator line the rainfall is strongest between May and December. South of the line it rains the most between December and April. Weather is unpredictable and it may rain during the dry season and by sunny in the wet season.

When planning a cruise to the Amazon it is the annual rising and falling of the rivers you should take into account. The rivers flood annually from December and reach their peaks in April or May, in the low water season July – February the rivers are at their lowes and some places may become inaccessible, yet the low water season is the best moment for wildlife touring since animals can be spotted by the dry river banks.

During the high water season the rivers overflow and the small creeks and flooded areas fill with water. This time of the year is best for enjoying a flooded forest (varzea) and animals retreat into the gallery and terra firme forests, followed by caimans and other water species. Animal life is harder to spot, yet it is a better season for birdwatching and spotting primates due to the abundance of fruits.

The Amazon offers somthing for everyone through its seasonal changes and constant rainfall, it will always find a way to create surprises for those who venture into its magical waters.