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Madidi Jungle Ecolodge

Get in touch with nature. We are located in of the most biodiverse places in the planet, the Madidi National Park in Bolivia.

Madidi Jungle Ecolodge is an innovative community based ecotourism venture. Four indigenous families from the community of San Jose of Uchupiamonas started the project. San Jose of Uchupiamonas is a Communal Land Territory (TCO Uchupiamonas in Spanish) that spans 210 thousand hectares of forest within the Madidi protected area, in the Amazon area of Bolivia.

This Indigenous Ecotourism venture seeks to strengthen the conservation and protection of the natural and cultural resources of the area. For more than three hundred years our Uchupiamona ancestors have inhabited the Tuichi River Valley, surrounded by its magic and beauty. Our ancestors envisioned the conservation of these resources for current and future generation to enjoy.

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The cabins have been constructed on the banks of the Tuichi River (3 hours by boat from Rurrenabaque). The architecture and design correspond to vernacular style of Amazon cultures and were constructed with materials found in the local forest and that do not harm the environment. We have recovered age-old wisdom from our Uchupiamonas ancestor to provide comfort and safety at our facility. The Ecolodge is designed for the visitor to experience pure contact with nature; at all times during the stay they can feel the magic and charm of nature.

We have a system of trails designed for the discovery of the humid tropical forest. We offer more than 15 km of trails, where the visitor will be able to learn and see the local flora and fauna. This knowledge will be acquired with the company of a local expert in the interpretation of forest.

Lighting at our facilities in fueled by 100% alternative energy using solar panels. For greywater treatment we have designed a system of solid and liquid waste separation based on septic tanks that are renewable in time. Organic waste is buried on location so it converts to natural nutrients, while the inorganic wastes are taken away from the Ecolodge to Rurrenabaque, where compost and recycling is possible.

Our efforts seek to reduce the Ecological Footprint to the maximum; however, without your help this will not be possible.

Amazon Itineraries

5 Days Itinerary

08:30 Departure by boat from Rurrenabaque to Madidi Jungle. The trip by boat is on a comfortable 40HP boat and takes 3 hours. This trip is a great opportunity to observe the flora, fauna and landscape such as Bala Canyon. The boat is equipped with comfortable seats, life vests, rain ponchos and canvas roof.

10:30 Arrival in Caquiahuara, where, for fifteen minutes, you will have the possibility to observe the macaw natural nesting wall.

12:00 Arrival in the Ecolodge and accommodation in Typical housing with shared bathrooms.

12:30 Lunch and break.

14:30 Walk down the Wabu Trail to a place called Cullpana, particular place where animals gather to obtain salt from the substrata. The trail offers the possibility to observe wild hogs, deer, monkeys, tapirs, birds, etc. Return to the Ecolodge through the Momoqui trail, stopping at the Tuichi Scenic viewpoint, ideal spot to enjoy the sunset.

19:30 Dinner at the Ecolodge.

20:30 Optional Activity: Group talk on the history of the San Jose of Uchupiamonas Indigenous Community and Madidi.

07:30 Breakfast at the Ecolodge.

08:00 Walk down the Mapajo trail. Accompanied by a native guide, you will have the opportunity to explore different ecosystems and appreciate the tropical forest from a traditional and scientific background. Activity: learning of medicinal plants and observing fauna and flora. Return to the Ecolodge through the Matapalo Trail. This activity lasts mammal four hours.

12:30 Lunch at the Ecolodge and break.

15:00 Walk down the Jatatal trail. This trail leads to the Aguapolo River, from where we will begin our walk  on the bank of the river observing mammal prints. Arrival at the macaw and parrot nesting wall (Ara Severa and Ara Tinga). Return to the Ecolodge through the Tareche trail. Activity: Birdwatching and humid tropical forest appreciation.

19:30 Dinner at the Ecolodge.

20:30 Nocturnal walk down the Cullpana Trail. This activity allows the appreciation of nocturnal wildlife. Wild fauna observation and appreciation.

07:30 Breakfast at the Ecolodge.

08:30 Long walk down the Jatatal trail to the Aguapolo River. This walk takes approximately 6 hours and allows for the appreciation of the rainforest and to strengthen the knowledge of said rainforest.  After lunch we will begin a walk along the creek to observe the flora and fauna of the place. After a short break we will begin our walk back to the Ecolodge.

19:00 Dinner at the Ecolodge.

20:30 Nocturnal walk along the trail to observe nocturnal wildlife. Ex: Deer, tapir, agouti and other species.

Optional Activity: Full Day to the Santa Rosa Lake. If you are interested at ride on a canoe and fishing piraña and to see more about fauna we recommend you Santa Rosa Lake.  Additional U$50 per group.

07:30 Breakfast at the Ecolodge.

08:30 After breakfast we will walk through the Jatatal Trail. The walk takes three hours and is their last chance to observe the local flora and fauna. Birds and mammals like wild hogs are easy to observe.

12:30 Farewell Lunch at the Ecolodge.

13:30 Return to Rurrenabaque. When returning we recommend you pay close attention to the guide, many times the trip is by boat and is a great opportunity to observe exotic species such as the black alligator, capybara, jaguar or the giant river otter. The return trip by boat takes two hours

15:30 Arrival in Rurrenabaque. Transfer to the airport or hotel accommodation (at the customer’s expense). End of activities.

NB: All our program are flexible and open to suggestions and interests of each group, for example all our programs offers chance to go right to the Ecolodge without the night in Rurre. For all our programs, it is recommended to book an early flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque or sleep in Rurrenabaque the night before. The La Paz – Rurrenabaque flight is only forty minutes and is a great opportunity to see the Real de los Andes Mountain Range and enjoy a panoramic and aerial view of the Beni and Tuichi Rivers.

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