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Napo Wildlife Center

It is a place unlike any other, located in the heart of one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park is rich with extraordinary wildlife and vibrant local culture. Spanning nearly 2.5 millon acres of Amazonian rain forest. This is truly a gem to be cherished. And the Napo Wildlife Center is the only lodge with in Yasuní National Park boundaries that can take you there.

Designed for nature lovers, travelers will be able to experience Wildlife and Amazon unique landscapes. The lodge has many activities visitors can do while staying in the lodge, such as canoe riding, meeting and sharing time with our community, and much more!

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Electricity: 24 hours electricity by a hybrid power system, soNapo Wildlife Center roomlar panels – batteries and last generation noiseless diesel engines You will find 110 volts-plugs either in the bathroom and the living area of each cabin, 220 volts-plugs only in certain area of the lodge, for using those please contact the lodge manager.

Water: Even if there’s plenty of fresh water in the Amazon, we use water of the lake in front of us for the bathrooms at the lodge, this water its clean and safe for your own use, after using it we treat the water with a system of wetlands, to avoid any lake pollution. Drinkable water is always available in big plastic containers so you can refill your own bottles, the idea is to use as less plastic as we can to reinforce our environmental policy. Hot water available all the time.

First aid kit: In case of any eventuality, we have at the lodge, first aids kits that will be taken to the excursions; our excursion leaders have basic medical training to help in casA wide variety of items for personal care, souvenirs, coffee mugs, t-shirts, vests, caps, hats, key holders, flashlights, sun block, mosquito repellent, etc. Are available. Those will be included in your bar bill, the payment will be made at the end of the cruise in cash, travelers checks or credit card.

Communications: The Napo Wildlife Center has a two-way radio (vhf and hf) that connects the Lodge, our office in Quito, our office in Coca and all the facilities. Also there is satellite internet connection, in case of using this service it will also be added to your bill.

Library: Open all day long our library offers a wide variety of books, Natural history, biology, conservation, cultural books same than magazines, paperbacks and scientific reports are available, we suggest not to take the books to the rooms for all the guests to have the opportunity to enjoy them.

 Special Services

The naturalist logbook: At the Napo Wildlife Center you can help our naturalist guides monitoring the physical and biological process of the forest, you will find a “Sights logbook”, where you can register together with our naturalists uncommon sights so future guests will appreciate the wide biodiversity of the Amazon.

Special food: If you request vegetarian food or special diet, please report this information to the lodge manager, anything can be arranged.

Internet Service: Internet service available at the lodge at a reasonable fare, the system is always connected for our guests to use it anytime.

Laundry: In your room you will find a white sac and a form to fill, laundry will be added to your bar bill and we will try to bring the clothes back as soon as possible, reasonable prices.

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The lodge complex is located by the Anangucocha lake, within the unique ancestral territory of the Anangu Quichua Community, part of the Yasuni National Park. In the early 90’ the community envisioned building their own lodge to provide themselves jobs and protecting their land. With great effort they built back then 4 well established shelters and a large house for kitchen and dining room, however buildings remained incomplete there at that early stage for many years as they had no more money to finish them or to establish a proper infrastructure to call it a first class jungle hotel. They wanted high quality facilities and accommodations, to provide an exclusive and personalized rain forest experience, intimate with nature, under a dedicated private and unique lodge, but only to a selected number of guests. Finally in year 2000 after several local and international contacts the project was able to move forward and establish the community’s and its nature tourism leaders dream. The community, entitled by its constitutional rights over their land, approached Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment which through its National Park service declared them honorific park rangers and approved the project signing a renewable management agreement of this territory part as well of the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve. Thanks to the Anangu Community initiative, their manpower, supported by the best technical assistance, financed with donations in partnership with the independent Ecuadorian non profit conservation organization, EcoEcuador, Napo Wildlife Center was born in 2003. The most carefully designed first class Amazon lodge in Ecuador.

Amazon Itineraries

Itinerary 4 Days

Arrival in the lodge / Alligator spoting

Parrot clay licks / Quichua community

Canopy tower/hike along primary forest

Canoeing excursion through the Napo River / Return to Quito

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