Entry Requirments to the Amazon

Entry requirements to the Amazon

A full passport is necessary to visit any of the Amazon basin countries. Visitors staying 90 days or less usually do not need a visa, this depends on your country of origin. Travellers from the UK do not require a visa for any of the countries we offer travel programs to except for Suriname. Travellers from the Japan, U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia need a visa for Brazil and Suriname. Some countries require you get a yellow feaver vaccine in order to issue a visa.

If you plan visiting for a period longer than 90 days it is necessary you request a visa in your home country well in advance.

You must also take note that a visa may be required for any overland travel you are planning, so be sure to take care of your paperwork for all destinations in your itinerary.

South America visa information may change so it is best to inquire at the local embassy or consulate for the country you are planning to visit. Not having a visa or an expired visa can make you incurr fines or being arrested.

Important tip

It is important you keep a record of your passport as well as a photocopy in case it gets lost or stolen. Photocopies of entry cards or stamps is also a good idea.


It is illegal to purchase materials made from animal skin or animals themselves, original archaeological objects, etc. all countries enforce these regulations strictly. It also promotes illegal hunting and slaughter of animals. You can be fined or imprisoned in some cas

Embasies to Travel to the Amazon Rainforest