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Amazon cruises- Brazil rainforest tours - Manaus cruise

Amazon cruises from Manaus


One of our Amazon cruise riverboats will take you on an exciting cruise along the Negro and Amazon rivers with all the comfort and excellent service.

The adventure begins in the city of Manaus, capital of Amazonas, famous for its spectacular Opera House, designated as Brazilian historical heritage.

Departing from Manaus, your expedition vessel stops at several points along the amazing Amazon jungle, and offers excursions on small boats or zodiacs to explore the dense, virgin vegetation. You and other adventure seekers will come into contact with the most exhuberant species of trees, plants, exotic animals and the local river communities, friendly and hospitable people. A paradise for those who like adventure with all the comfort of an all inclusive cruise.

Amazon cruises- Brazil rainforest tours Activities

Possible activities Brazil

  • Birdwatching (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • National Park visits (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • Wildlife reserve visits (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • Piranha fishing (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • Trekking (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • Nature hikes (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • Canoe rides (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • Night excursions (Amazon cruises- Brazil)
  • Lectures (Amazon cruises- Brazil)

Amazon cruises- Brazil rainforest tours what you might see

Sightings Brazil

We will explore the rainforest and learn how people live in these tropical lowlands, close encounters with local tribes will allow us to have an insight into their way of life, traditions and cosmology.

Our native guides will teach the use of medicinal plants, the Amazon basin is the largest living laboratory with thousands of species, some not yet known to man - it is said that the cure to any disease can be found in the Amazon jungles - being the most complete natural medicine pharmacy on earth. You will earn a higher understanding of the importance of taking care of this important ecosystem.

Wildlife encounters are not guaranteed but it is possible to spot: Several species of monkeys roaming the canopy, caimans (Amazon alligators), river dolphins, manatees, river otters, a jaguar is spotted twice a year with much luck, paca, agouti, fish include the Arapima (up to 15 feet), piranha, electric eels, it is possible to see the famous Anaconda. Birdlife is abundant Araras, parakeets, macaws, nightjars, hoatzins, jacanas, crakes, ibis, herons, kingfishers and hundreds of unique species of insects and butterflies can be seen.

Amazon cruises- Brazil rainforest tours arrangements

Trip planning Brazil

When travelling to Brazil for your cruise additional plans should include:

- 1 hotel night in Manaus pre-cruise
- 4 airport transfers
- 1 hotel night in Manaus post -cruise

Since you will be in Brazil, you may also consider in taking a pre or post trip extension:

- Rio de Janeiro beaches
- Salvador de Bahia beaches
- Iguazzu falls and Jesuit missions
- Pantanal expedition
- Sao Paulo
- Chapada Diamantina

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