Amazon Ship
Amazon Ship

The Pros and Cons of Big Ships and Small Ships

Cruising is the best decision you have made to start off your vacation. Such kind of traveling adventure for days on a ship is worth your time and money. Making the decision is a huge step, there is more you need to think about when choosing a ship. Big ship and small ship. Does a ship size matter? The cruise ship size chart will help you make an informed decision; it ensures you have picked the right ship for a true and outstanding experience.

Choosing the Best Cruise Ship

When it comes to river cruise motor vessels comparisons, it is crucial to consider the size of a ship depending on your destination. While all the ships are comfortable, suitability is based on individual preference and goals of the trip. A cruise offers a wonderful opportunity to see excellent landscapes and visit the indigenous communities. You will be able to witness the wildlife and have a thrilling adventure in the jungles.

How big are river cruise motor vessels? Read on to know more about the water vessels.

Ecuador Cruise

Ecuador Amazon cruise offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to observe a broad and diverse ecosystem. You will be taken to the Napo and Coca rivers. The riverboats are perfect for the Ecuador cruise as they are developed for low water level. Such boats can easily reach small tributaries, offering a great chance to enjoy hard reaching areas without compromising the modern amenities and level of comfort. There are different types of river cruise motor vessels.

Manatee riverboat is 90 feet long and 24 feet wide, it can easily accommodate 30 guests. The boat contains cozy cabins, bathroom with hot water, air conditioning, dining room, luscious cuisine, bar, panoramic terrace, and other services.

On the other hand, the Anakonda River cruise ship is 148-foot-long with the ability to accommodate 40 guests. This ship offers an excellent dining with an extensive wine collection. This ship will provide you with all the luxuries of a 5-star hotel. It has 18 suites with each having an area of 215 square feet. The boast features large and cozy beds, panoramic windows, sitting areas, and outdoor Jacuzzi. A special feature of the boat is Al Fresco lounge that is an ideal way to relax, have a drink, or just enjoy the scenic views.

Hence, these riverboats are good for providing a unique experience by enabling the tourists to enjoy their trip on cruises in this region.

Peru Cruise

Regarding Peru Cruise, there are several types of boat, from the riverboat to large vessels. You will be taken on a wonderful journey in the northern jungles of Peru. You can enjoy every trip to the amazing ecosystem of Peru.

CATTLEYA has the capacity to accommodate 8 passengers. It has 4 comfortable cabins with king-size beds, air-conditioner, bedside tables, and other amenities. You have access to a mini bar too.

Acacia River cruise with 16 cabins is perfect for 32 passengers. You will have access to the social areas, restaurant, and lounge. You will be provided with a king size bed, air conditioning, bedside table, sheet and blankets, comfortable pillows, great quality bathrobes and towels, shower, hot water, mini bar and more.

ARIA cruise is also a favorite option for many in this category.

Brazil Cruise

There are four river motor vessels when it goes about Brazil cruise. Every cruise ship provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy the tropical environment. You will be able to witness the most fascinating destination. You can enjoy all the modern luxuries and have an exceptional experience. You will not only enjoy the natural beauty but also see the diverse wildlife and flora of the Amazon River.

Desafio Amazon Cruise ship is a wooden hull with the 12 comfortable cabins. It can accommodate 24 passengers. This vessel has private showers, air-conditioned rooms, one restaurant, and Al- Fresco dining area. A special feature of this ship is the large sundeck with an outdoor bar.

Clipper is a riverboat that has 8 double air-conditioned cabins with bunk beds. All the cabins have private toilet facilities. Moreover, Clipper has a dining area, library, bar covered saloon, and a panoramic sundeck. Clipper has the capacity to accommodate 16 passengers.

Another ship for Brazil cruise is Tucano. It is a riverboat that has 3 full decks. It makes the ship spacious. The cabins are large with full-size bathrooms. Since it is not a large vessel, some of the rooms are larger in the area. It is comfortable and elegant, making your trip extraordinary. 

Iberostar is the largest cruise ship sailing on the Amazon and its tributaries. It has the cabins for nearly 65 to 67 visitors. It has 2 restaurants offering both local and international cuisines. This ship has 2 pools and a Jacuzzi on the top. It also has a conference room with a fitness center, ballroom, and laundry service. It is the best way to experience the flora and fauna of Brazil with the luxury and comfort of a 5-star ship.

Pay attention that river cruise motor vessels are smaller than Iberostar. This makes it easy to sail small vessels on the river. The large ships are not allowed because of the logistics size and safety.

Cons of river cruise motor vessels

River cruise motor vessels are perfect for exploring the Amazon River for various reasons. The variety of food and drinks and small space for personal interaction hence a chance to make new friends make it the best for the adventure. Family travels are a strong point for these tours. However, you will have to sacrifice some elements – most river cruises are not recommended to small children (babies or children less than 5-6 years old).


River cruises are a wonderful way to explore the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador, Peru or Brazil and enjoy its amazing biodiversity and rich culture. They all offer outstanding comfort on board, ample social areas, and excellent cuisine plus the best-personalized service provided by experienced crew and professional guides. This combination will definitely make your journey as memorable as it is possible!

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