Amazon Ecuador
Amazon Ecuador

Ecuador time to reset

Voyagers Travel, as well as the broader tourism sector, has not encountered any incidents involving guests or staff. Importantly, the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest has remained peaceful throughout this period. Consequently, the operations, including the Anakonda and Manatee vessels, are operating under regular conditions. Hence, we extend an invitation to you and your clients to explore the country and experience the Amazon like never before.

As you may be aware, on Monday, January 8th, President Noboa declared a state of emergency in response to the sensitive security issues facing the nation. This declaration prompted a nationwide curfew, updated on Tuesday, January 23rd, based on a safety indicator and applicable to various regions from 00:00 to 05:00. If your guests need to travel to the airport during curfew hours, rest assured that they can do so seamlessly by presenting their travel documents and boarding passes.

To address security concerns, additional measures, such as deploying armed forces and police officers, have been implemented to prevent any actions by criminal groups. These measures have led to a significant decrease in incidents since January 10, enabling the normal progress of tourist activities in the country. The Ministry of Tourism’s official statement, available at the following link, attests to this positive development. Thanks to these prompt actions, airports across Ecuador are fully operational, the road network is functioning smoothly, and daily life has continued without disruption in recent days.

We will consistently monitor the nationwide situation and the operations to keep you informed of any changes. We eagerly anticipate providing your guests with an exceptional experience in Ecuador, especially in the unparalleled beauty of the Amazon rainforest.

Now is the perfect time to rediscover Ecuador!

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