La Perla | Amazon Cruise
La Perla | Amazon Cruise

Explore Pacaya Samiria!

The Amazon is an exceptional destination known by its natural attractions and a vast diversity of new species to discover.

Live an unique travel doing an Amazon River Expeditions with us!
Traveling to the Peruvian Jungle is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the most exotic places in the world. What could be better than to experience it, navigating aboard one of the best cruises in the Amazon!

1. Day 1: arrival to the heart of the Peruvian Jungle!

Committed to taking care of every detail during your stay! Upon arrival to Iquitos, our visitors were taken to DoubleTree by Hilton Iquitos hotel, our meeting point, where all of them went through a medical screening and listened to our first orientation talk, on the adventure they were about to begin. Then, we headed to Nauta, where we visited some of the most emblematic attractions in the “Isla bonita”. Next, we boarded La Perla Adventure cruise, where we accompanied the guests to their cabins, each one neatly prepared to offer them maximum comfort.

Once they were ready for the adventure to begin, the cruise set sail and headed towards the confluence of the rivers Marañon and Ucayali, the place where the Amazon River initiates its course. At that point, our guides introduced the travel plan, the route and the scheduled activities, starting with the welcoming lunch for all our guests who were delighted by the most representative dishes from the region.

That same afternoon, our special outing was on boat, to the Nauta Caño area, where we explored the fascinating flora and fauna from the region. During this first immersion within the wonderful world of the Jungle, our first 2021 adventurers, discovered those species only to be seen when the sun falls: caimans, frogs, tarantulas and many others, inhabiting the lush hills of the Peruvian Amazon.

2. Day 2: exploring Pacaya Samiria! 

small boat amazon river cruisesCan you imagine having breakfast in the middle of the biggest National Reserve in the world? During their second day, our travelers took part in a picnic at the Yanayacu de Pucate River, one of the most protected and preserved areas in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

During this magnificent experience, they enjoyed a get-together and admired the lush Amazon Jungle. Moreover, they chose the perfect activity for each one of them: admiring the pink dolphins, navigating on a kayak or a refreshing swim in the river.

Following lunch at La Perla Peruvian Amazon Cruise, along with our guides, they initiated a walk through the jungle towards the suspension bridges. Imagine finding yourself at 35 meters (115 feet) above the ground level, in the middle of the lush Peruvian Jungle! There, they could admire the treasures of the Amazon, from an elevated and unique perspective

Before the end of the day, we visited our Saint Regis shaman, a sage man from the native community, who shared his knowledge on the Amazon’s worldview. Did you know the shamans hold a pivotal role in the region’s culture? They not only protect and guide their communities, they also connect with the native spirits and develop a magical bond with nature. A beautiful experience of reflection and spiritual exploration!

Along with the shaman, our visitors participated in the plant-a-tree ceremony, as a contribution to the protection of the environment. In Jungle Experiences, we know that tourism has a huge transforming power; and because we know this, we are committed to the creation of a positive impact for the region and its inhabitants.

Back in the boat, our passengers got ready for our different rituals, taking place to welcome the New Year with the best vibes.

  • Basket with mystical luck charms (amulets): each passenger received a small basket with a variety of objects and seeds, to attract positive energy.
  • 12 grape ritual: a cup with 12 grapes was given to each passenger for them to make a wish during the first minute of the New Year.
  • “Bonanza and flower” ritual: in this activity, our passengers wrote down their New Year resolutions on flowers and then they threw them into the river as an offering. A tradition blessed by our shaman woman.

3. Day 3: learning about the native communities in the Amazon 

Amazon rainforestThe third day began with a boat outing to the Shiriyacu River stream, where our adventurers learned the piranha fishing ancestral techniques from the region. Back in the boat, we went to visit the native community Kukama Prado, where we learned all about their customs and traditions, as well as seeing a culinary demonstration.

  • A positive contribution to the local economy in the region! 

Our visitors bought handcrafts as well as other products elaborated manually in a small local market; they got the chance to visit and see firsthand the “Victoria amazonica”, one of the largest aquatic plants in the world. Quite an experience learning all about the Amazon’s flora and fauna!

Back at La Perla Adventure, they could admire the beautiful sunset in the Peruvian Amazon, thanks to the outdoor spaces designed especially to create moments of relaxation and comfort for our guests to enjoy. That evening, after listening to some live music, our crew gave their final presentation and we had our good bye dinner.

4. Day 4: last day in the heart of the Peruvian Jungle 

During their last day, they visited the Amazon Rescue Center (CREA), where biologists and volunteers take care of the animals rescued from illegal trafficking, among them our endearing manatees.

In Jungle Experiences, we share a deep love and respect for the Amazon. We not only contribute delivering speeches on environmental conservation, we also work together with organizations focused on rescuing and protecting endangered species.

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