Amazon rainforest
Amazon rainforest

How to Save Tropical Rainforests?

Tropical rainforests are found around the equator mostly between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. It is said that usually, all months have an average precipitation of at least 60 mm. Average annual rainfall is no less than 1,680 mm. Plants grow more rapidly in these forests. Because the forests are of great importance the question arises “how to save a forest?” There are some important factors due to which we have to protect the rainforests.

Why Are Tropical Rainforests Important?

Rain forests absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen that is a very important factor in the survival of the animals there. There are also many aspects due to which we can say that rain forests are important. Firstly, they maintain the climate and make it stable. Many birds and animals make their homes there, so they serve as a shelter to many birds and animals. The most important thing about the rainforest is that they provide protection when there is a flood. Hence, rainforests are beneficial.

Disadvantages of Cutting of Rainforests

Today rainforests are gradually disappearing. Tropical rainforests are in danger, as they are the subject of heavy legal and illegal logging for their valuable hardwoods (strong timber and agricultural clearance. Strong timber (known as “hardwood”) which is produced by special kinds of trees, is used for building houses or the other buildings. Tropical rainforests are also destroyed because of the expanding of urban areas. Deforestation also occurs when the areas of rainforests are used for farming (48% of deforestation is caused by subsistence farming and 32% by commercial farming) or mining. Approximately 5% of deforestation is caused because of using trees for fuel. But deforestation has many drawbacks. If deforestation takes place, the climate will be disturbed. The birds and animals will lose their shelter. Moreover, because of the rapid rainforest deforestation, the amount of trees, logically, decreases. Because of the less amount of trees, the daytime temperature increase, and the nighttime temperature decreases. With fewer trees, there is less cloud and less rainfall. These changes have a negative effect on animals and plants. For instance, if plants find it harder to grow, there will be no food for animals. As a result, many species will eventually be lost. The question arises: how can we save the rainforest? Some measures necessary to preserve the rainforests are mentioned below:


Some steps to answer the question of how we can save the Amazon rainforests are specified below:

  • Teach each other to love and appreciate the nature
  • Encourage and motivate people to live a life that won’t harm forests
  • Support companies that are in favor of tropical rainforests
  • Develop national parks

To protect the rainforests, we must teach others the importance of trees. We also need to tell them the benefits of tropical rainforests and inform them that they play an important role to make the environment suitable. Encourage and motivate the people to live a life that will not harm forests. Develop parks so that you can save wildlife. The most important point is to support the companies that are created in favor of tropical rainforests. Try to support such companies. All these things are important as well as necessary if you want to protect the rainforest.

Deforestation mostly occurs because trees have more worth when they are cut. A lot of poor countries sell their trees after deforestation. Deforestation can only stop when government and local people will focus on its disadvantages. We have to think about all the possible ways which will help us to save tropical rainforests.

The rainforest conservation efforts are discussed below:

Authority’s Positive Role

As we know, many people are responsible for the deforestation as they cut trees whenever they need a place for agriculture. Mostly in the rural areas, people use this land for mining as well as for the living. In the rainforest, deforestation should be completely banned. Authorities should take a clear action so that no one can cut trees. This would be a positive factor in saving tropical rainforests.

Cutting of Trees in a Balanced Way

As we know, people cut down forests because they want wood for making furniture. But we should be aware of the fact that if we cut more and more trees it will not be in favor of us, as well as our health. We have to maintain a balance and think about the life of animals and birds who are an integral part of the rainforests.

Reduce Paper Consumption

Reducing paper and wood consumption is also an important factor that will help you to save the rainforest. Most of the companies use papers and tissue papers on a daily basis. We can reduce the pressure on the remaining rainforests by reducing our own wood and paper use.

We can use both sides of paper sheets when printing, use cloth towels and napkins instead of paper ones, avoid disposable paper plates and cups. In the other words, choose tree-free alternatives if it is possible.

Make Rainforest Committees:

As we know, 50,000,000 of tribal people live in the world’s rainforests. So, rainforests are not only shelters for animals and plants, but for people too. They do their mining and use the place for agriculture purposes. Thus, cutting more and more trees we are also killing more and more people.

We have to make the rainforests committees and take the responsibility to them. We also have to pay them for their job. They have to make some rules and people have to follow them. It should be beneficial in saving tropical rainforests.

Be in Favor of Special Organization Networks

To prevent the tropical forest from deforestation, it is necessary to support special organizations that preserve forests, uphold human rights, by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through partnerships and strategic campaigns.


All these points are necessary to save the rainforest. If someone does not follow these points, we will face the drawbacks of it. The climate will not be suitable for both animals and birds. That is why we have to think about all the possible ways which will help us to save tropical rainforests.

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