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Amazon Dolphin Lodge

The Amazon Dolphin Lodge sits nestled within the vast expanse of the Pañacocha Protected Forest, spanning 56,000 hectares. This forest is a crucial Biological Corridor, connecting the Yasuni National Park with the Cuyabeno Faunal Production Reserve.

Pañacocha, characterized as a Tropical Humid Forest, teems with diverse wildlife at every turn. From a variety of monkeys like howlers, capuchins, and spider monkeys, to marmots, otters, caimans, and the iconic pink Amazonian dolphin, the forest offers a rich tapestry of natural wonders.

Thanks to its strategic location at the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the lodge boasts seasoned guides and dedicated staff, ensuring visitors an unforgettable jungle experience.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the Ecuadorian Amazon, where every nook holds mesmerizing beauty. Vibrant green vistas, melodious bird songs, and breathtaking sunsets paint the days, while the velvety night sky and nocturnal symphony of wildlife transport you to a realm of tranquility and wonder.

Here, in the present moment, every sensation is savored to its fullest.

The Pañacocha Reserve, a Tropical Humid Forest, boasts towering canopies of Sapotaceae and Fabaceae species, reaching up to 30 meters in height. Underneath, the subcanopy, with species like those from the Moraceae, Flacourtiaceae, and Arecaceae families, extends to 20 meters. Meanwhile, the understory, featuring Lauraceae, Flacourtiaceae, and Meliaceae families, reaches about 15 meters. Among the diverse fauna are howler monkeys, capuchins, otters, peccaries, tapirs, and the renowned pink Amazonian dolphin.

Embark on thrilling adventures and new discoveries at the Amazon Dolphin Lodge. Nature enthusiasts will revel in the opportunity to encounter over five monkey species, more than 380 bird species, and countless medicinal plants. Explore the serene beauty of the Pañacocha Lagoon and traverse various trails in search of the elusive pink dolphins.

Guided by experienced staff, hike through forest trails and marshlands, navigate rivers and lagoons by canoe, and marvel at the kaleidoscope of brightly colored avian species. Venture into the Kichwa Añangu community, witness the spectacle of the parrot lick, and ascend the bird observation tower for an unforgettable experience.

Choose from a diverse array of programs tailored to deepen your understanding of the region’s fauna, flora, and indigenous cultures. Whether it’s night excursions to spot alligators, piranha fishing, visits to Monkey Island, or serene canoe rides to observe the pink dolphins, each excursion promises to transform your visit into an unforgettable journey.

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Pañacocha Reserve

The Pañacocha Protected Forest is a lush tropical habitat showcasing a diverse array of plant and animal life. Towering canopies, reaching up to 30 meters, are adorned with species from the Sapotáceas and Fabaceae families, while the understory, at about 20 meters, hosts flora from the Morácea, Flacourtiaceae, and Arecaceae families. Beneath them, at around 15 meters, thrive species from the Laurácea, Flacourtiaceae, and Meliácea families. Among the wildlife inhabitants are howler monkeys, varizos, machines, peccaries, tapirs, and the enchanting Amazonian pink dolphin.

Cozy Rustic Huts

Our rustic huts, crafted with indigenous materials like bamboo and toquilla straw, offer a cozy retreat for solo travelers, couples, families, and friends. With options ranging from single to quadruple occupancy, each hut boasts a private bathroom with hot-water shower, hammocks for relaxation, ample storage space, mosquito nets for peaceful nights, and lamps for added comfort.


Nestled within the natural landscape, Amazon Dolphin Lodge comprises 11 spacious individual huts designed to seamlessly blend with the environment. Here, you’ll find respite from the day’s adventures, serenaded by the melodies of the forest at night and awakened by the chorus of birds in the morning.


At Amazon Dolphin Lodge’s Restaurant, guests gather in a warm and inviting atmosphere surrounded by breathtaking views of the forest and wildlife. Indulge in three-course meals prepared daily by our chef, featuring local homemade dishes crafted from fresh regional ingredients. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are also available to cater to diverse preferences.


Within the lodge’s restaurant area, cozy lounges beckon guests to unwind and enjoy leisurely moments amidst nature’s splendor. These spacious retreats offer sweeping views, inviting guests to gather, read, or simply bask in the beauty of golden sunsets and dramatic rainstorms. Equipped with hammocks and sofas, they provide the perfect setting for relaxation and reflection.

Amazon Itineraries

Itinerary 7 Days

Upon arrival at Coca city airport, you’ll be transferred to the boarding dock on the Napo River. At noon, the boat departs for Yarina Ecological Reserve, where lunch awaits. In the afternoon, we’ll embark on a brief forest introduction walk, followed by a canoe excursion on Sapococha lagoon after dinner.

After breakfast, we will depart in canoes towards the Napo River, where we will travel by speedboat to Yasuní National Park. Estimated arrival time is 12:00 PM for lunch, followed by accommodation in double or triple rooms with private bathrooms. In the afternoon, we’ll venture into Yasuní National Park to observe the largest tree in the Amazon, as well as its fauna and flora. In the evening, enjoy dinner and a cultural welcome event.

After breakfast, we board the motorized canoe and navigate for 50 minutes in search of pink dolphins, offering an opportunity for interaction along the riverbanks, which is a marvelous experience in the Amazon. Besides the remarkable experiences in the Ecuadorian Amazon, you’ll also have the chance to swim and feed the pink dolphins. Following lunch, we prepare for a SHAMANIC encounter in the afternoon, delving into the various methods used by local healers to address different local illnesses and predict the future. After dinner, ancestral stories, myths, and legends passed down through generations will be shared.

After breakfast, we head to the Santa Teresita community, where we will demonstrate ancestral traps for hunting and fishing. Additionally, you can observe the crafting of handicrafts using materials from the jungle. Following lunch, we promptly pack our belongings for Pañacocha, aiming to arrive at the destination after 6 pm. Enjoy dinner and rest upon arrival.

Explore the Pañacocha lagoon by rowboat, where passengers will be delighted by the fantastic concert provided by the diverse array of birds in the forest. Return to the campsite for breakfast. Then, embark on a rowboat journey across the lagoon and take a walk along an exclusive trail for observing vegetation and aquatic birds, as well as islets formed by chontillas and anturios, where bird colonies and their nests are established. Enjoy lunch in the jungle. In the afternoon, engage in a fun piranha fishing activity. Dinner and accommodation will be provided.

Departure from the Amazon Dolphin Lodge in the early morning, navigating the waters of the Pañayacu River until its confluence with the Napo River. From there, we will head to visit the Quichua community of KURIMUYO, where we will learn about their customs and way of life. Next, we will visit the parrot and parakeet clay lick in Yasuní National Park. We’ll then continue our journey to the Quichua community of EL PILCHE, where we’ll enjoy a delicious fish MAITO – a typical dish of the local populations. Afterward, we’ll proceed to the YARINA Ecological Reserve, where we’ll spend the last night. Following dinner, we’ll take a night walk around the forest.

After breakfast, return to El Coca city.

Amazon dolphin lodge

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