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Cuyabeno Lodge

The Cuyabeno Lodge is ideally located in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, which is the best Amazon national park in Ecuador and probably in South America for seeing wildlife. The location within the reserve is also of key importance to spot the different fauna and flora. The Cuyabeno Lodge is built on a seasonal island in the Cuyabeno Lake, you step right out of bed into the place where watching animals is at its best! Moreover, because it is very important to wake up early to see the most wildlife activity, you don’t have to wake up to early in this Lodge, because you already are where all the wildlife is.

The Lodge boast of a modern solar installation, which provides light and hot water all day and night long. More than anything, the Cuyabeno Amazon Rainforest Lodge, Ecuador, is cozy and fun and it was the first facility in the reserve. It is a great place to make friends, and many of our guests have found themselves new friends across many borders; some friendships have now lasted more than 20 years!

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You are the host in a tropical rainforest but the climate may surprise you. Even though some days may turn out to be a bit hot, many days are surprisingly comfortable, in spite of a relatively high humidity. Of course, after you have been on excursion it is always so nice to return to a clean comfortable place to freshen up and relax. The Cuyabeno Lodge provides such facilities.

While the Cuyabeno Lodge programs include all meals, We made a great effort to build a functional kitchen where food could be prepared under hygienic conditions.  Our restaurant serves a balanced mix of international and Ecuadorian cuisine as well as local dishes from the Siona Indians.

More than anything, the Cuyabeno Lodge is cozy and fun and it was the first facility in the reserve. It is a great place to make friends, and many of our guests have found themselves new friends across many borders; Some friendships have now lasted more than 20 years!

When we started operating in 1986, we experienced from working with our early visitors, that the jungle traveler foremost should be hosted in a facility, which would both be in harmony with the rustic environment of the rainforests and attuned to the needs of the modern visitor. As visiting the tropical rainforest inevitably encompasses some exposure to muddy conditions and getting rained on while on excursion, nothing feels better than returning to a cozy and comfortably  looking  facility. So instead of using cheap bamboo or rough local shelves, we chose to build the Cuyabeno Lodge with planed varnished wood, polished floors and tiled facilities for a hygienic kitchen and bathrooms.

Nothing feels better, than taking a hot shower in a clean tiled bathroom facility after an exiting excursion through the tropical jungle. Sounds irrelevant to you? Just wait and experience how good it feels after your hot shower, to stroll into in our tidy, well-cared-for restaurant after a day’s outdoor in the tropical jungle. You will love the facilities at the Cuyabeno Lodge.

Amazon Itineraries

5 Days Itinerary

One of the best ways to explore the rainforest is by canoe and Cuyabeno with its maze of waterways provides you with ample opportunities to experience this wet and wild green world in a way that is intimate and highly rewarding.

You are guided through the forest by an indigenous guide from the Siona Indian community in his canoe, as well as a bilingual naturalist. Activities include canoeing in motorized and dugout crafts, hiking, bird watching, night walks and swinging in your hammock.

B: Breakfast / L: Lunch / D: Dinner.

In the morning transfer to the airport and flight to Lago Agrio. Upon arrival to Lago Agrio you will go by bus to the bridge of Cuyabeno river (3 hours). After you have enjoyed lunch (lunch box), you will continue by motorized dugouts downstream to get to the Cuyabeno Jungle Lodge in the afternoon. After dinner you will go for an exciting night walk. You will spend the night in bungalows with double beds and Mosquito nets.


After breakfast you will walk in the forest to learn about the use of medical plants and the function of the amazing ecosystem of the Amazon basin. After lunch at the lodge, you will go piranha fishing. Dinner.


Today you will visit the Cuyabeno Lagoon and have a walk in the rainforest at the shore of the lagoon. After lunch (lunch box) you paddle down the lagoon and you can enjoy a swim in the Aguas negras. Return to the lodge in the late afternoon. Later at night you will canoe down on the river to try your luck in nightlife watching some animals, such as the caimans.


Early bird watching before breakfast. Afterwards you will go for a last hike in the forest. Lunch and later you will paddle down the river. You will have dinner and spend the night in the jungle lodge.


After an early breakfast you will start the journey back upstream on the Cuyabeno River. Lunch (lunch box) at the bridge. The bus will take you to Lago Agrio. Return to Quito.


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