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Posada Amazonas

The Native Community of Infierno is co-managed. The building is located on 9,500 acres of unspoiled native land. Experiences cultural are offered. You can access the Tres Chimbadas Oxbow Lake with a chance to see giant river otters. Activities designed to promote community stories and traditions. A 40-meter tower canopy provides a birds eye view.

The Ese Eja Native Community of Infierno has protected over 9500 acres. Experts in ecotourism for more than 20 years.

Discover Tambopata with the eyes of these forest guardians.

You have a positive direct impact on your community.

Open Rooms

The perfect way to stay connected with the natural world at all times.


Two rooms equipped with:
Two King-Sized Beds
The Living Room with Minibar
Ceiling Fan


All 28 rooms are equipped with:
Double Beds
Ceiling Fan

Comfort Room Posada Amazonas Suite Posada Amazonas Suite Posada Amazonas Comfort Bathroom Posada Amazonas

Arrive at Posada Amazonas Lodge, enjoy Amazonian cuisine, and hike to the canopy tower for stunning views of the rainforest.

Wake up early to see the Amazon rainforest come alive, explore Tres Chimbadas Lake, and learn about medicinal plants at Centro Nape.

See parrots and parakeets at a clay lick, hike to a giant ceiba tree, and learn about Amazonian crops at a farm.

Learn about sustainable Brazil nut harvesting and hike the Overlook Trail to see two different types of rainforest.

Say goodbye to Tambopata and support the Native Community of Infierno.

Example itinerary

Posada Amazonas– Suggested Expedition 5 Days

Day 1: Welcome to the Amazon!  

You will be transported by boat and bus for 2 hours to the lodge from Puerto Maldonado. You will get your first taste of Amazonian cuisine in the river, while enjoying the jungle scenery.

Posada Amazonas Lodge is waiting. A spacious ecolodge with a bar, massage center and buffet in the middle of a concession owned by the Native Community of Infierno.

Includes A 45-ms squared room with an attached bathroom, and a wall that faces the forest.

Includes three meals per day, as well as tea, coffee, activities and guided tours, welcome refreshments, airport transfers, and breakfast. Our guides are assigned at 10:1

Join a group hike this afternoon to reach the canopy tower , a 40 meter high scaffolding. The platforms are accessed by a banister staircase that runs through the middle. You can enjoy spectacular views from the top of this platform. The Tambopata River cuts through the forest, dividing it into vast areas of still standing trees. You may see toucans flying along the horizon or parrots and macaws landing in the canopy next to you.

Day 2: Early Mornings and Night Hikes

We do the same. Wildlife in Amazon prefers the cooler first light of the morning, and we also do. Our guides will encourage you, even if you’re on vacation, to do certain activities very early in morning. It is worth it.

Tres chimbadas Lake can be reached in thirty minutes via boat or forty-five minutes on foot from Posada Amazonas. After arriving, paddle around in the catamaran to search for wildlife like caimans, hoatzins, and horned screamings. The otters are active between dawn and eight or nine in the morning.

The Centro Nape, a community organization, produces forest plants to make medicines and distributes them in small clinics. The trail explains different uses for selected plants, including medicinal ones.

It is possible to hike out in the night, when the majority of mammals are most active and rarely visible. Frogs that have shapes and sound as strange as their histories are easier to locate.

Day 3: Parrots, Ceibas, and Amazonian Crops

You can see the parrots and parakeets descending from a 20 meter blind on clear mornings, to consume the clay along a riverbank.

Starting from Posada Amazonas, you will embark on a 2-hour trek that is crowned with the tallest tree of the area: the giant ceiba. You will learn about the history and taxonomy of the rainforest during the two-hour hike.

The farm is the largest and most complete in Infierno. Owner grows both popular and obscure Amazonian crops. Every plant, tree and shrub has a specific purpose in his garden

Day 4: Brazil Nuts and Overlook Trails

A beautiful, old-growth Brazil Nut Forest can be found a few minutes away from the lodge. This forest has been harvested over decades and centuries. The precarious remnants of the camp that Brazil Nut collectors used for two months of the year are still visible. From collection to transportation and drying, we will demonstrate the entire process for the only sustainable product of the rain forests.

The Overlook Trail is located along the Tambopata River. After this hike, you will be able distinguish between a Terra Firme Forest and a Secondary Forest as the path crosses both habitats. On the benches, you can watch the Tambopata as it makes its way through the lowland forest.

Day 5: Farewell to Tambopata

The expedition is coming to a close.

By visiting the Native Community of Infierno, you will be able to directly contribute to their effort to preserve Tambopata.

The airport will be your final destination.

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