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Wasai Lodge

Wasai Tambopata Lodge is located in the heart of the amazon, approximately 50 Km. away from Puerto Maldonado in a straight line, and approximately 120 Km. on the river route, in the heart of the Tambopata Candamo National Reserve . On the banks of the Tambopata River it is surrounded by primary rainforest and is a place of natural beauty.

There are 20km of forest trails around the lodge and it is also possible to visit the local community of Baltimore, the El Gato Waterfalls, and collpas of parrots and mammals. Fishing is also possible. Up-river from the lodge there are no more dwellings. The lack of people and the closeness to the Andes produces an abundance of flora and fauna not seen in other areas f the amazon.

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Accomodation for up to 40 people (4 large bungalows with two person rooms with private bathrooms, mosquito nets, etc and 3 smaller two person bungalows). These bungalows are constructed in the typical style for the region (ie wood with palm rooves)

Camping Area.

Central Lodge building with Dining Area, Kitchen, Toilets, Common Areas to Relax, Hammocks, Research Centre/Library.

  • Radio Communications.
  • Internet
  • River Transportation.
  • Expert full time local guides.
  • Fishing Equipment.
  • Canoes and kayaks

Amazon Itineraries

Itinerary 4 Days

Experience an Amazon rainforest adventure, combining trekking, kayaking and many other activities that ensure an exiting jungle experience. Take part in the adventure of a lifetime surrounded by an amazing rainforest and the best Amazon lodge.

An Amazon related tour that combines nature, adventure and great excitement. You will be staying in a rustic, comfortable hotel and will pass a night of camping in a middle jungle swamp, with full contact with nature and closer to the heart of the rainforest than ever before. This is a 4 day long exciting tour where you can learn about the Amazon looking for great adventures in our daily walks and different activities surrounded by beautiful tropical rainforest scenarios, with great chances to find wild animals such as monkeys, peccaries, exotic birds, such macaws and fish such as Piranhas in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

A staff member will wait for you at the airport to transfer you to wasai Maldonado Eco Lodge. There you will be welcomed with a delicious tropical juice while the guide will give you a brief explanation of the tour and last minute tips. After that, you are going to be transferred by car to the port to embark in an outboard boat to the Wasai Tambopata Lodge located in the buffer Zone of the Tambopata National Reserve. Depending on the river conditions the journey will take between 3 to 4 hours. During the journey you will observe different kind of birds and mammals that inhabit along the river bank such as capibaras, caimans, taricayas, oropendolas etc. At your arrival on Tambopata lodge, the staff will help you to accommodate in your bungalow. After that, your guide will give you a brief explanation and some tips for your security and comfort during your stay in the Amazon jungle. Then, your guide will introduce you to amazon rainforest ecosystems with a nocturnal walk. Dinner. You will enjoy the sounds of the jungle during the night. Overnight at Wasai Tambopata eco lodge.

Very early in the morning we will walk for about 30 minutes to visit the Parrot’s Clay Lick, near to the Gato River. There, you will see many species of parrots, macaws and other kind of birds and animals that live in this National Reserve. After that, we will visit a native community to observe and learn about the lifestyle of the Amazon people, how they use the natural resources of the rainforest to survive and maintain a balance with the jungle. In the way back we will find a nice cascade where you will be able to swim or just relax. After this, we will return to the Lodge for breakfast. After a short rest we will take a ride across the Tambopata river on a wooden canoe, or if you prefer, on individual kayaks. This activity doesn’t require special or superior physical conditions; it can be done by people of all ages and status. Although this is an adventure activity, during the whole ride you will enjoy amazing landscapes, watching some birds along the river banks and beautiful Amazon fauna. If the weather conditions permits us, we will take a bath in any of the beaches of the Tambopata River.
After this you will have time for Lunch. In the afternoon we will start an ethno botanic walk until we reach the swamp area where our “Amazon Adventure site” is located. On the way, we will have the opportunity to see the great biodiversity of the Amazon jungle as exotic animals and giant, millenary trees. You will also learn from our guides the hidden secrets that the medicinal plants have. As soon as you arrive to the “Amazon Adventure Site “, you will be free to choose the activity you like best as walking through rope bridges, fishing in the swamp or crossing it by using our Ziplines (50 to 100m long-160 to 320 feet) which are adapted to different height levels. Or why not, just relax enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and the sounds of the rainforest. Overnight at the camp site. We will camp in a small island close to the swamp, the Fire Island. Typical Amazon food for dinner.

Before breakfast we will start a walk to Venado creak, where we will have a good chance to spot some wild Amazon animals such as monkeys, tropical birds and Peccaries. The reason for so many animals marauding this place is due to its proximity to the mammal’s clay lick, a wildlife communitary place in the rainforest. We will then Return to the camping area for fishing and having breakfast. At around 10 am. we will return to the Lodge for a talk about Tree climbing techniques with one of our specialists. After that you will have a practical demonstration before climbing with the help of all the participants.
Lunch . After a break, we will climb a huge Amazon characteristic tree which has a canopy platform; from there we will have the chance to see a lot of birds and a wonderful view of the rainforest.
Later on, before starting the caiman search activity at night, your guide will give you information about the caiman behavior. Then you will start the search in a boat through the river bank.
Dinner .
Happy hour 4 – 6:30
Overnight at Wasai Tambopata Lodge.

Breakfast .You will wake up with the beautiful sunrise of the jungle to leave the lodge. During the way back you will still have the opportunity to see wild animals and enjoy the fresh morning of the Peruvian Rainforest. Depending on your departure flight you can enjoy our hotel facilities in Puerto Maldonado as the swimming pool or the bar.

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