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Tambopata Lodge

Tambopata Lodge, our beloved lodge in South America is one of only a few lodges that are located within the Tambopata National Reserve. Its remote location allows you to see the most beautiful wildlife in the Amazon Jungle. You can observe more monkeys because there are no people around. Macaws, and large endangered species are more common here than elsewhere. Jaguars are spotted by one in every three visitors!

Experience the New Experience

Tambopata Research Center is the best place in the entire world for travelers who are passionate about biodiversity and nature.

There are now 300 meters of elevated walkways at the lodge! The walkways have been placed at the ideal level in the forest, between the canopy and the ground. This allows you to see wildlife more easily.

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The Rooms At One With Nature

The wall of our naturally built rooms is open to the jungle. You can enjoy the diverse eco-system even when you are not working. The lodge is often a great place to see wild animals like monkeys. This intimate lodge has only 24 rooms and is the closest you can come to the rainforest.

The Tambopata Research Center is located in the Amazon and offers:

Deluxe Suite

Four rooms equipped with two queen size beds + hammock + outdoor living tub and shower Minibar + ceiling fan


Four rooms with two queen-sized beds + indoor sitting area Minibar + ceiling fan


Eight rooms equipped with two double beds


Eight rooms equipped with either 1 matrimonial room or two singles

Amazon Itineraries

Tambopata Research Center 4 Days

After arriving in Puerto Maldonado (the capital of Madre de Dios), you will take a 1.5-hour boat ride and then a 1 hour bus to get to your lodge. You will get your first taste of Amazonian cuisine in the river as you enjoy the jungle.

We will be leaving the last traces of human occupation behind as we pass the Malinowski River confluence. In the 700,000-hectare uninhabited core of the reserve you will see more capybaras, macaws and geese.

Tambopata Research Center is waiting for you. It’s a boutique eco-lodge with bar, massage center and buffet service located in the National Reserve of TambopataThe only lodge within the reserve.

The accommodation ranges from rooms of 21mts up to suites measuring 83mts. Each room has a bathroom with an opening window that faces the forest.

You will receive three meals per day, as well as tea, coffee, activities and guided tours, refreshments on arrival, and transfer to the airport. The guides are assigned to private groups with a ratio of 6:1.

Join the Overlook This afternoon. A 3- to 5-kilometer hike takes us to breathtaking overlooks with a view of the Tambopata as it winds its way down into the Lowlands. This trail is good for Howler Monkeys and Dusky Titi Monkeys. The old bamboo forest that has been regenerated on the trail.

It is possible to hike at night, when the majority of mammals are most active and difficult to spot. Frogs are easier to spot because they have shapes and sounds that match their bizarre natural histories.

On the most beautiful mornings, hundreds of colorful parrots gather on the riverbank. This is a colorful and raucous spectacle which inspired National Geographic to publish a cover story. We will watch Green-winged Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Blue-and Gold Macaws, as well as several smaller species of parrots, descend 50 meters away from the cliff to consume clay. The best time to go is at dawn, when the clay licks are most active.

The five-kilometer rain forest trail is a prototypical example of a rainforest, with huge trees and creeks that cross it. We will search for monkeys among the figs and ceibas. TRC is situated within this habitat.

Explore the tiny island pond that is 10 minutes upstream from the lodge. This is an excellent place to see waterfowl like Muscovy Duck, Sunbittern, Hoatzin, along with woodpeckers and other birds such as oropendolas and flycatchers.

Scientists will give a evening lecture , an in depth look at macaw biology, feeding habits, theories of clay lick usage, breeding and feeding ecologies, population fluctuations and threats to conservation.

The Rainforest Hike is a rewarding experience that will give you a sense of achievement and unforgettable memories. You’ll be able to walk carefully along the “highways” created by leaf-cuttering ants. The Tambopata Research Center guide’s years of experience in the area have taught them everything they need to know about the forest. The guides will be able to spot even the smallest bird in the canopy. They can also find the most mysterious monkey and most beautiful plant life.

The jungle is a place where the sun sets early. Darkness falls fast in the dense forest when light can no longer pass through. As the afternoon turns into evening, prepare to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in history. The Sunset Cruise glides along the river with a beautiful pattern of oranges, pinks and other colors reflecting from the surface.

The expedition is coming to an end. It’s time to bid farewell.

By visiting the Reserve of Tambopata and Wired Amazon, you will be making a contribution directly to these two organizations.

Your next flight will be to your home country.

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