amazon rainforest tour
amazon rainforest tour

Photo tips under the canopy

As well as being a haven for wildlife, a place of special scientific interest and the lungs of the world, the Amazon is also stunningly beautiful. Travel within its boundaries and you’ll want to document, photograph and remember every single moment.

If you want to get great shots on a Brazil Amazon riverboat cruise, Peru and Ecuador are all packed with outstanding photo opportunities. And though conditions may be challenging, by following the tips below you’re guaranteed to get results you’ll be proud of.

Know your equipment

No matter what subject you’re photographing or what conditions you’re photographing in, the number one rule of photography is to know your equipment.

There can be nothing more frustrating than spotting the perfect shot, then struggling to get your settings right and missing the moment. So, if you’ve bought a new camera or lens for the trip, try to practice in a few different light and weather conditions before you leave.

Keep it clean & dry

Whenever you look for facts about the Amazon Jungle, one of the first things you’ll come across is the fact that’s it’s very wet and very humid. As moisture is the enemy of all electrics, you need to ensure that you keep your cameras and lenses clean and dry throughout your trip. The easiest way to do this is to keep everything in a waterproof – and ideally airtight – case.

Always carry a small umbrella with you to protect your camera when shooting in the rain, and if you’ve been in an air-conditioned room, remember to let your equipment acclimatise to the heat of the jungle before you take it out of its case.

Bring a flash

In and about the Amazon Jungle, the dense canopy blocks out much of the natural light from the floor below. This means that you’ll be shooting in very low light levels, especially when it’s overcast. To combat this, bring an external flash – the inbuilt flash on your camera simply won’t do the job – and plenty of batteries.

Get some detail

As many of the jungle animals will be high up in the canopy, your flash may not be able to pick them out too easily. Instead, try to focus on details that are nearer to hand like insects, plants and flowers. Picking out beams of light as they pass through the canopy can also make for some great shots.

If you want to remember everything about the Amazon Jungle once you’re back home, you need to get snapping. By knowing your equipment, dealing with the conditions and waiting for that perfect moment, you’re guaranteed to get a shot you’ll be proud of.

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