world tour amazon
world tour amazon

The best Peru tours for educational holidays

Combining a fun-filled family holiday with a little bit of learning helps to enrich the experience for everyone, and ensures that your kids get as much out of their holiday time as possible.

Natural CruisesAnd as it’s home to some of the most unique and some of the most spectacular experiences on earth, the rich culture and fascinating history of Peru make it the ideal destination for anyone who wants to combine education with vacation.

So if you want to learn as well as relax, here are the best Peru tours for educational holidays.

amazon river boat cruiseNatural history cruises

Any cruise through the Amazon Jungle will give passengers both young and old lots of opportunities for expanding their knowledge about the rainforest.

On our M/V Amatista Amazon river cruises, naturalist guides travel alongside passengers and are always on hand to answer questions about the jungle and the creatures who live there.Machupicchu

Plus, the unique experience of travelling through the jungle and seeing the diversity of life there will be enough to get even the least enthusiastic students reaching for the binoculars!

Combined Machu Picchu and Amazon tour

One of the best Peru tours for experiencing native culture and the natural world is a combined Machu Picchu and Amazon River tour.

You can choose to make the trip to Cusco and the ancient Inca city at the beginning or the end of your Amazon trip. Either way, a visit to this world famous and breath-taking site will be a fantastic addition to any trip to Peru.

amazon riverboat cruiseCombine Lake Titicaca and Amazon tour

Located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and lies at a staggering 12,500ft above sea level.

By combining a trip to the lake with a tour of the Amazon Jungle, you’ll experience two totally different landscapes and different cultures, giving visitors a great perspective of this fantastic South American nation.

One of the lake’s main attractions – apart from its spectacular location and shear size – is the network of floating islands near the town of Puno, a must see for any visitors to the region.

Peruvian history and culture are fascinating. Educational holidays to this part of South America are packed with excitement and are an ideal trip for a family looking to combine recreation and education.

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