amazon cruise ship
amazon cruise ship

The most intimate ships for exploring the Amazon river

Though any cruise along the mighty Amazon River is guaranteed to be unforgettable, traveling on a small, intimate vessel can make the journey even more memorable.

Giving passengers the chance to really get to know each other and connect with their surroundings, small, specially designed boats are the perfect way to experience the Amazon in Brazil and Peru.

An added bonus of choosing a small ship for your Amazon cruise is that petite boats can reach the places larger vessels can’t, giving passengers the chance to journey deep into the Amazon and experience the very best the jungle has to offer.

The Cattleya Amazon Journey

CattleyaExclusive to only 8 passengers, small is the new big on luxury, fine Peruvian dining with White glove service meets worldclass wildlife exploration. 4 and 5 day cruise programs into the heart of the famous Pacaya Samiria wildlife reserve on board this intimate riverboat deliver a once in a lifetime experience.


Perhaps one of the most luxurious riverboats in the world. 4 cabins with amazing river views and 2 of them with private whirlpools are the perfect setting for a decadent vacation. Don’t let the pampering fool you, the adventure is big in the Peruvian Amazon as you come enter the rainforest and explore the smaller creeks teaming with wildlfie.

The Katerre Fleet

Accommodating just 10 passengers in three ai-conditioned cabins, the 52ft Awapé is one of the smallest cruise ships on the Amazon in Brazil.

Perfect for groups and private hire, The Katerre Fleet takes passengers along both the Amazon and Negro Rivers, interacting with local communities and visiting nature reserves and river beaches along with way.

The Amazon Angler

Part of the Amazon Clipper Fleet, the Amazon Angler is specially designed for passengers who want to take advantage of the region’s abundant waters to do some serious fishing.

Able to accommodate 10 passengers, the ship is the perfect choice for keen anglers and anyone looking to experience one of the world’s most unique fishing spots.

The MS Amazon Dream

Boasting nine individually decorated ensuite cabins, a structure built from ipe and itauba wood and a bar that looks straight out onto the jungle, the MS Amazon Dream is undeniably one of the most characterful and charming boats on the Amazon in Brazil.

The ship’s small size ensures that passengers feel connected to the passing rainforest at all times, while the vessel’s team of expert naturalists and guides will help visitors to the Amazon gain a deeper understanding of the jungle and its unique role in the global environment.

The Tucano Amazon Riverboat

TucanoWith three high-ceilinged decks, large windows and generously proportioned cabins, the Tucano Amazon Riverboat is one of the most spacious boats on the Amazon in Brazil.

Built in a similar style to the vessels that plied the river in the 19th century, this light, airy ship is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to relax, unwind and enjoy fantastic views of the jungle during their Amazon expeditions by riverboat.

If you’re searching for an unforgettable Amazon river expedition in Peru or an Amazon tours by boat in Brazil is home to some of the most charming and unique boats in the region. So why not opt for one of the jungle’s smaller ships for your next break and experience a more intimate side of the Amazon?

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