luxury amazon river cruises brazil
luxury amazon river cruises brazil

Top 10 questions to ask your travel agent about your Amazon cruise

If you love to travel and explore new countries, planning a summer holiday is probably one of the highlights of your year.

However, as the Amazon Rainforest is so vast and so unique, knowing where to begin can be difficult. So if you’re planning to explore the jungle’s wildlife and waterways this year, there are the top 10 questions to ask your travel agent before you set sail.

1. What is the cruise itinerary?

As most visitors will have a set checklist of sights they want to see during their Amazon cruise, asking whether the itinerary includes all of these ‘must sees’ should be your first question.

2. What is the comfort level of the ship?

Most companies that operate Amazon cruises offer a range of comfort levels from basic to luxury so make sure you check what your ship has in store for you.

3. How long is the cruise?Amazon luxury cruise

In general, the length of an Amazon expeditions by riverboat can vary from two or three days to a week. The length of cruise that you choose will depend on your budget and what you want to see and experience during your time in the jungle.

4. Can you combine an Amazon tours by boat with another trip?

Most travel agents should be able to arrange combined trips, allowing passengers to visit some of the other incredible sights in the region during their holiday.

5. Will it be high or low water season in the Amazon?

As different animals, birds and plants are visible in different conditions, it’s important to find out whether you will be visiting during the high or low water season in the jungle.

6. What will the food be like on your cruise?

Food is a big part of any holiday so check with your agent that your dietary needs and culinary tastes will be provided for during your Amazon expedition cruises.

amazon rainforest tour7. Will there be experts to answer your questions?

Packed with exotic creatures, brimming with mysterious plant life and inhabited by indigenous tribes, the Amazon is full of surprises and having expert naturalists on hand to answer your questions can greatly enhance your trip and your experience of the jungle.

8. Can you join excursions into the forest?

Some of the best Amazon cruises give guests the chance to get closer to the forest and its inhabitants on organised excursions.
Check with your travel agent to find out whether your cruise offers any extras.

9. Does the cruise company have extensive experience?

When it comes to leading visitors deep into the jungle, experience is important so make sure that the company you’ll be travelling with knows exactly what they are doing.

10. What will the weather be like?

Though the weather in the Amazon doesn’t vary too much throughout the year, some months are wetter and colder than others and knowing what to expect will help you prepare for your trip.

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