Amazon river cruises
Amazon river cruises

Travelling with children

Spain may have sunshine, Florida may have theme parks and London may have shopping, but when it comes to holiday destinations, few can beat the variety, beauty and unique landscape of the Amazon.

This depth of culture, wonder of nature and scientific importance make the Amazon one of the best destinations in the world for family holidays. Your kids won’t just have a fantastic holiday, they’ll learn first hand about the natural world and the challenges that face it.

By joining a well-organized tour or arranging your own custom trips, you can create the perfect holiday for you and your children to enjoy.


From bird watching to meeting indigenous tribes, every moment of your family’s jungle adventure will be filled with fantastic learning experiences. Choose a good quality tour and your trip should come with a guide who can tell you all of the Amazon Rainforest info you need to know.

Your children will love spotting the friendly river dolphins, watching out for monkeys high up in the jungle canopy and experiencing the habitat of the most important biosphere in the world first hand.

Amazon tourSafety

By finding out all of the Amazon Rainforest info that you can before you leave and choosing a tour company with a good reputation, you can ensure that your trip to the Amazon Jungle will be completely safe. All good tour companies will comply with international safety standards and put the welfare of you and your children first.


When travelling with children in the Amazon, there are some practicalities that you need to consider. Firstly, it can become very hot and very humid under the jungle canopy, so you need to ensure you always carry enough water to keep your kids hydrated.

There can also be a lot of insects in the Amazon so you’ll need to bring a good quality, child-friendly repellant with you to keep the creepy crawlies at bay.

If your children have specific dietary needs, it’s a good idea to contact your tour operator before you book to ensure that they can be accommodated.

amazon rainforest brazil tourExperience

Learning a wealth of Amazon Rainforest info first hand, experiencing the biodiversity of the jungle and meeting the native peoples who have made the Amazon their home will be a fantastic adventure for your entire family.

The unique experiences and eye-opening excursions will give you and your kids some wonderful memories to look back on and make for a fantastic family holiday.

So, why not start looking for Amazon rainforest info today and you can start planning your very own family jungle adventure.

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