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Why Amazon River trips should top your bucket list?

No matter how old or young, rich or poor or adventurous or cautious you are, pretty much all of us has a list of things that we really want to do before we ‘kick the bucket’ – it’s known as a bucket list.

And if you’re still compiling your top contenders, here are some reasons why an Amazon River trip should really be right at the top of your selection.

Amazon jungle tour

It’s like nowhere else on earth

Covering over five and a half million square kilometers – or a staggering 1.4 billion acres – home to over two million species of insects, producing over 20% of our oxygen and dissected by the largest river in the world, the Amazon Rainforest is truly like nowhere else on earth!

You’ll notice on an Amazon riverboat cruise in Ecuador and Brazil are both dominated by the vastness of the rainforest.This spectacular array of natural diversity makes Amazon river trips some of the most exciting and fascinating holidays in the world.

The experience of a lifetime

This unique place and the life contained within it make a wonderful destination for a host of activities, many of which are only to be found on Amazon River trips.

Where else could you experience an indigenous community, go caiman watching, swim in a jungle lake, go piranha fishing as well as explore unspoiled rainforest and enjoy the magic of the jungle at night?

Amazon cruise

The chance to explore new cultures

Many Amazon River trips include the chance to meet and interact with local communities, many of which have been living in the colossal rainforest for generations.

Local guides and experts also regularly travel with the cruises, helping to give you a real understanding of the jungle, its peoples and the creatures that live there.

The gateway to South America

If taking some  Amazon River trips is at the top of your bucket list, some of the other destinations in the region are sure to feature too. So why not take the opportunity to combine a cruise with a trip to some of South America’s other spectacular sights.

With so many unique attractions, activities and experiences to be had, there’s little doubt that an Amazon River trip deserves to be right at the top of your bucket list.

So why not come and visit and get one more of your ‘must do’ experiences under your belt?

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