Praias Novo Airao
Praias Novo Airao

Anavilhanas Archipelago a detailed guide

The Anavilhanas National Park, located between the Manaus city (648 kilometers) and Novo Airão city (552 kilometers), in Amazonas, is the perfect destination for visitors who are looking for a complete nature-tourism experience in the Amazon rainforest. Amazing wildlife, vegetation, lakes, and a sky full of stars make the region a truly magical place.


The National Park comprises more than 400 islands and 60 lakes, approximately 130 kilometers long and on average 20 kilometers wide -, representing 60% of the unit, while the extension of mainland represents 40%, in a total of 3.504,70 km2. Making it one the largest national parks in the Amazon basin of South America.

There are also several lakes, rivers, igapós (blackwater-flooded forests), impressively diverse wildlife and vegetation. This wealth of natural resources makes it the second largest river archipelago in the world.

The archipelago of Anavilhanas is undoubtedly an unforgettable destination where visitors will find amazing natural beauty and have incomparable experiences.

Anavilhanas is one of many natural wonders found along the course of the Amazon river , it’s basin and tributaries.


Voyagers travel offers several Brazil Amazon river cruise programs departing from the Manaus river port. Below we list the riverboats that include a visit to the Anavilhanas archipelago within their itinerary:

Untamed Amazon:

Amazon Clipper Cruises:

Desafio Sailboat:

You can also explore the area by taking base at a lodge that is next to the national park, one of the lodges we recommend is the Anavilhanas Lodge.

When to go to the Brazilian Amazon

Praias Novo Airao

Anavilhanas National Park is open year-round, but experiences are different according to the seasons. In the dry season (September to January) visitors can enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches that are formed all around the archipelago. During the high season (February to August) it is the best time to walk along the igapó water trails. Learn more about the weather in the Amazon.

Praias Novo Airao

The attractions of Anavilhanas

It is free to visit Anavilhanas National Park. However, visitors have to pay for some specific activities such as the Voadeira tour (a motorboat ride along the river), or a visit to the Dolphins Floating Deck, a unique attraction that allows you to see pink river dolphins up close. The best thing to do is to plan your days in advance and decide which activities you are interested in doing.

It is extraordinary to be able to experience flooded forests where the water reaches the top of the trees. Watching the sunset over the islands in the archipelago is something else that everyone must try. However, there are attractions that can be found at any time of the year, such as visiting the Botos Float, observation of the rich flora and fauna, boat trips through one of the largest river archipelagos in the world, land trails and visits to riverside communities of the Brazilian Amazon.

In Novo Airão, tours can be hired at the pilots/conductors association or with tour operator companies, which offer tourist itineraries through the park and surroundings, lasting from 1 hour to a few days. The 1hour tours cost around BRL 150.00 (for four people).

Dolphins Floating Deck

Praias Novo Airao

It is located at the edge beach of Novo Airão, inside the Anavilhanas National Park. It is open to visitors and allows you to see and even touch these friendly aquatic mammals.

But before the feeding sessions, a brief lecture is given to visitors about the tourism activity with dolphins and the main characteristics of the animals. Afterwards, the visitor can closely observe the feeding of the animals, which live freely and have become accustomed to frequenting the place. It is allowed to touch them.

Brazilian river cruises

Boat trip into the heart of the archipelago

To get a better idea of the Park, the boat trip is essential. It is available all year and runs through the labyrinth of islands in the river archipelago. In the flood season, the water trails of igapó, made in small boats, enter the flooded forests allowing to feel the sounds of the forest and discover curiosities about the vegetation of the local.


Rio Negro Beaches

The contrast of the white sands with the black waters of the Rio Negro compose scenarios of singular beauty. They only appear in the dry period, which can vary according to the descent of the waters. The best period to see it is usually between October and December.

Praias Novo


Praias Novo Airao

The most visited beaches are: Orla Beach, Aracari, Bararoá, Camaleão, Folharal/Canauirí, Iluminado, Meio, Sobrado and Tiririca. With the exception of Orla beach, accessible by land, all the others are only accessible by boat.



Be sure to bring items such as repellent, sunscreen, raincoat, bathing suit and an appropriate bag to store objects during the boat trips. If you go hiking, wear long pants, socks and appropriate sneakers. Make sure your yellow fever vaccine is up to date.

The Park does not have snack bars or restaurants and there are no restrooms or communication services, except at the park’s surveillance bases (they have radio communication with the ICMBio office in Novo Airão).

How to get to the Anavilhanas National Park (h2)

From Manaus, it is possible to arrive at Novo Airão – the park’s host city – by air, river or land. The best thing is to stay in one of the hotels or vacation homes in Novo Airão to be able to do the tours.

A trip to the park is also part of the experience. Tourists can rent a seaplane to enjoy the beautiful view of the Rio Negro from above as they arrive at the park. They can also travel by boat at night, when they can lie in a hammock and enjoy the magical experience of the stars over the Amazon. Visitors can get to the region by bus, by car, by taxi, and even by helicopter. In other words, the initial trip can also be an important part of the visitor’s experience at the destination.

How to get there How getting around
By Plane

+55 (92) 3652-1210

The nearest airport is Eduardo Gomes International Airport, in Manaus (MAO). With prior authorization, visitors can charter a seaplane to land on Rio Negro, or a helicopter to land in open areas in the region.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals

Visitors can visit the region by car. However, if you need to rent a vehicle, it has to be done in the city of Manaus.

By Boat

Boats to Novo Airão depart from the Port of São Raimundo, in Manaus, every Tuesday and Friday at 8 pm. Make sure you check dates and timetables, as there are possible alterations to the schedules from time to time.

On Foot

Since Novo Airão is so small, walking is the best way to move around the town.

By Boat

Boats to Novo Airão depart from the Port of São Raimundo, in Manaus, every Tuesday and Friday at 8 pm. Make sure you check dates and timetables, as there are possible alterations to the schedules from time to time.

By Plane

A wonderful way to see the natural beauty in the region is by flying over the islands and rivers.

Share Taxis

+55 (92) 99428-0595

+55 (92) 99191-9402

The trip takes around two and a half hours, but it is not a 24-hour service. Please contact the taxi companies that provide the service to organize everything in advance.

By Boat

Visitors can get to the main attractions along Rio Negro by boat. The experience allows tourists to have close contact with local wildlife and riverside communities.

By Bus

+55 (92) 3632-2568

The bus trip between Manaus and Novo Airão takes approximately 4 hours. Make sure you check dates and timetables at the Bus Station in Manaus.

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