cachoeira na chapada dos veadeiros
cachoeira na chapada dos veadeiros

Chapadas of Brazil

Amidst breathtaking waterfalls, mysterious caves, and diverse trails, the plateaus of Brazil beckon as an enticing proposition for ecotourism. Selecting just one proves challenging, given their year-round appeal. The true advantage lies in their widespread geographical distribution, spanning various regions of the country and making these natural wonders easily accessible. Let’s delve into details about the three most renowned plateaus!

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Chapada dos Veadeiros

Situated kilometers away from Brasilia, with its main towns being Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Vila de Sao Jorge, and Cavalcante, this plateau can be visited throughout the year, but the prime months are from April to July.

A haven for trail and waterfall enthusiasts, it offers diverse hiking experiences through stunning natural landscapes. One can pause for a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of numerous waterfalls along the way. The ancient rock formations render each site unique, featuring a “rock beach” and caves with transparent water lakes.

Corredeiras Chapada dos Veadeiros

Photo: Andre Macedo

Don’t overlook…

Maytrea Garden
Anjos & Arcanjos Waterfall
The Enchanted Plunge Pool
Moon Valley

Chapada dos Guimaraes

Approximately one hour from Cuiabá and 2.5 hours from the Northern Pantanal, this plateau boasts the easiest access and the best infrastructure. A preferable time to visit is from August to October when rainfall is lower.

The base town for entering the National Park is small, tranquil, and welcoming. Noteworthy for its waterfalls, orange rock walls, and sandstone caves, it also hosts some of the rivers’ sources contributing to the Pantanal’s water supply for the population of Cuiabá.

Chapada dos Guimaraes - Mato Grosso - Brazil

Photo: Michelle7623

Don’t overlook…

Blue Lagoon Cave
Kiogo Brado Cave
Sao Jeronimo Hill
Véu da Noiva Waterfall

Chapada Diamantina

As the most famous and extensive plateau in the country, the Diamantina Plateau boasts over 360 waterfalls accessible through panoramic trails. It also holds the largest concentration of caves in Bahia, with 97 waiting to be explored. The town of Lencóis is the ideal place to stay, with the best months for a visit being between March and May for optimal temperature and scenery.

The notable wells in the Diamantina Plateau are renowned for a spectacular event: entering through cave cracks, the interplay of sunlight, rock formations, and water creates a mesmerizing scene. To witness this phenomenon, plan your travels between May and September.

Landscape, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil

Photo: PurpleImages

Don’t overlook…

Morro do Pai Inácio
Pati Valley
Buracao & Fumaca Waterfalls
The Enchanted Well

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