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Located in pristine Amazon jungle of Ecuador we are a veryLa Selva Amazon Ecolodge is located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest just off the Napo River, which eventually flows eastward and joins the mighty Amazon on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. The lodge is within the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve and next to the Yasuní National Park.

This region is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, home to literally millions of species of plants, animals, birds and insects. There are no roads to get to the lodge and the nearest city is Coca (Francisco de Orellana). From here, the best way to get to the lodge is by a two hour motorized canoe ride down the Napo River. Explorers will travel down river aboard a locally crafted canoe, experiencing a typical ride to the lodge just like the locals. On the way travelers will be able to see the first glimpses of the Amazon rainforest and you can appreciate the houses and way of living of the local people as they go on about their daily routines by the riverside.

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La Selva Jungle Eco Lodge is reflective of native design: rustic, authentic and comfortable. Our jungle lodge can be described as private bungalows that are cozy and immaculately clean.

The bungalows at La Selva Amazon Jungle Lodge are entirely made of secondary, rainforest materials and are designed to blend with Ecuador’s Jungle. It is most of all a friendly place.

Each bungalow has a private bathroom, a hammock and a mosquito net for each bed.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected amenities such as, hot water showers and electricity.   As well, everything at the lodge is sanitary beyond your wildest expectations.

La Selva Amazon Jungle Lodge is comprised of 18 thatched-roofed bungalows with many different sleeping configurations, a spacious but cozy bar with a wrap-around view of our gorgeous lake, and a grand dining room, with a cone-shaped gigantic, thatched roof.

You can sneak a siesta (Spanish for nap) in the hammock hut, or just spend some time relaxing on your own private hammock, reviewing the day’s photos from your digital camera.

Amazon Itineraries

5 Days Amazon Tour

Please note that all activities and schedules outlined in this sample 5-Day Amazon tour itinerary are subject to change. Changes may be necessary due to weather conditions, seasonal variations, group size limitations, group preferences, and guide decisions prioritizing passenger safety.

Upon arrival at Quito International Airport, you will be greeted by a representative from La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat in the National Departure area. They will assist you with the check-in process and provide a brief overview of your upcoming journey.

After a 30-minute commercial flight to Puerto Francisco de Orellana “El Coca,” our representative will transport you to our office located at the Napo River pier in a private vehicle.

The following two hours will be spent on a motorized canoe, heading downriver and marking the beginning of your unforgettable experience in the Amazon rainforest. During this journey, we will provide you with a box lunch and additional beverages.

Upon reaching La Selva’s main dock, the final part of your trip to the lodge will be completed in a paddle canoe. Your carry-on items and camera equipment are all you need to manage during this portion, as La Selva staff will handle your other luggage.

Upon arrival at the lodge’s main dock, our manager will welcome you with a refreshing beverage, snacks, and a brief orientation about your stay at La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat.

Introduction to the Rainforest

After settling in and unpacking, one of our Naturalist Guides will provide you with fundamental information about the tropical rainforest, the Amazon, and how La Selva operates. This will equip you with essential knowledge for your upcoming activities in this incredible environment.

Matapalo Charapa Trail

Named after the Strangler fig (Ficus sp) tree, this trail showcases remarkable flora, including mahogany trees over 400 years old. Your guides will share insights about the diverse flora and fauna encountered along the trail.

With soft natural light filtering through the canopy, you’ll observe diurnal and nocturnal animals beginning their daily activities.

Night Canoe Ride

Embark on a nocturnal adventure at Garza Cocha lagoon, where you’ll search for caimans, bats, owls, and other night creatures using spotlights provided by the guides. If the sky is clear, this is also an excellent opportunity for stargazing.


Visit the bar for snacks and cocktails prepared by our bartender. Additionally, help yourself to limitless tea and coffee at the non-alcoholic beverage station.


Settle into your seat and enjoy a multi-course dinner served by our attentive waitstaff.

Wake-Up Call

Observation Tower & Mandi Cocha

Begin with a 15-minute walk to reach the impressive observation tower standing 120 feet above the forest floor. Your Naturalist and Native guides will use a sighting scope to point out colorful birds and possibly primates in the canopy. After another 30-minute walk from the tower, arrive at Mandi Cocha, a small lake surrounded by diverse vegetation and flooded forest landscapes. With luck, you may catch sight of the elusive giant otters that inhabit the area.


Garza Cocha Lagoon

Explore one of the most picturesque lakes in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This is a prime spot to encounter various monkey and bird species. Squirrel monkeys often join capuchin monkey families in their search for food, while howler monkeys are commonly seen in the late afternoon. Keep an eye out for the hoatzin, a unique bird found only in pristine Amazon environments.

Night Walk

Experience the jungle’s nocturnal activity with a flashlight and camera in hand. Your guides will lead you to observe amphibians, insects, reptiles, birds, and nocturnal mammals in their natural habitat.


Wake-Up Call

Parrot Clay Lick and Pilchi Community Visit

Following breakfast, return to the Napo River for a motorized canoe ride to witness the remarkable parrot clay lick, a captivating natural display where hundreds of parrots and parakeets gather to consume mineral-rich soil, an essential part of their diet. Bring binoculars to fully appreciate this spectacle.

Next, visit the indigenous community of Pilchi to learn about the ancient ways of the Amazon’s first nations, dating back thousands of years. Gain insights into their attire, cuisine, cooking methods, and how they utilize forest resources in their daily lives. Engage with community members, ask questions, and savor traditional drinks and food offered as they share their ancestral knowledge and cultural heritage.


Coto Trail Exploration

Embark on a fantastic walk from the lodge to the edge of Garza Cocha Lagoon, illuminated by the afternoon sun for a mesmerizing forest experience. Your naturalist guide will introduce you to the diverse creatures encountered along the trail, while native guides will showcase medicinal plants used for centuries. Conclude this activity with a canoe ride back to the lodge.


Wake-Up Call

Yasuní National Park Exploration

Venture into Yasuní National Park, Ecuador’s largest protected area. Visit a different clay lick where scarlet macaws and other parrot species gather to drink sodium-rich water. Keep an eye out for mammals like deer, wild pigs, and tapirs that come to quench their thirst here. Embark on a scenic forest walk, where you might encounter unique primate species native to this region. Note that Yasuní National Park is also home to the last uncontacted indigenous tribe in Ecuador, although they remain unseen due to their isolation.


Morete Yaku Excursion

Navigate through Morete Yaku, the main creek feeding into Garza Cocha Lake. Observe the contrast between Terra Firme forest and swamp forest, also known as “moretal.” Learn about the significance of the Morete palm, a tall species vital to numerous animals and indigenous communities who use its fruit as a crucial energy source.

Departure Briefing

Receive essential departure information from our manager regarding procedures for the following morning. Enjoy a delightful farewell cocktail prepared by our bartender.


Wake-Up Call

Departure for Coca

Following the departure briefing from the previous evening, you’ll receive an early wake-up call and enjoy breakfast before preparing to leave the lodge.

Assistance will be provided by lodge staff to transport your checked luggage. You’ll embark on a motorized canoe ride upstream back to Coca, where our representatives will guide you to the La Selva office for restroom facilities.

After a brief break, our team will escort you to the airport, assisting with boarding passes and checked luggage to ensure a smooth departure process.

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