Amazon rainforest tour
Amazon rainforest tour

5 tips to book Amazon rainforest tours

Bursting with plant and animal life and home to some of the most unique cultures and habitats on earth, the Amazon Rainforest is truly one of the world’s must see destinations.

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However, with an area of 1.4 billion acres and spanning nine countries, there’s a lot of forest to choose from and so booking your tour can easily become a bit overwhelming.

So if you’re planning to join the best cruise in the Amazon of Brazil then you want to make sure you book the perfect break, here are five tips to help you.

  1. Book with a reputable company

There are a few different companies that offer Amazon rainforest tours, many of which vary in quality and reliability.

In order to make sure that your trip is as advertised, choose a company with a good reputation and a good few year’s of experience.

  1. Think about the length of your visit

Amazon rainforest tours are available for a variety of durations, generally ranging from around three days to about eight days.

The length of your visit will depend on your budget and on the sights that you want to see, so think carefully about which trip will be right for you.

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  1. Combine a rainforest tour with another South American Adventure

If you’ve made the effort to get all the way to the Amazon you might as well see a bit more of South America while you’re there.

Though this may cost a little more, seeing everything in one go will save you money in the long run and make for a fantastic holiday.

It’s very easy to combine Amazon rainforest tours with trips to other parts of the continent (Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu falls, Machu Picchu, Galapagos Islands), so get your map out and start planning.

  1. Consider the weather

The main characteristics of weather in the Amazon are humidity, heat and rain, however there are different weather patterns throughout the year with some months being significantly wetter or hotter than others.

  1. Choose your country

As the Amazon covers so many countries, you’ve got a huge choice of destinations for your trip with each region offering different attractions, cultures and experiences.

Home to 60% of the forest, if you want to get deep into the jungle on your Amazon cruise, Brazil is a great destination, plus once you’ve experienced the Amazon there’s the cities and beaches of this incredible country to discover.

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