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7 Reasons Why Traveling By Boat Is Awesome

Traveling by boat is something most people overlook when making vacation plans. You might think to take a road trip instead. Boat travel is one of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to see the world. A cruise along the Amazon River ensures that you’ll be able to experience everything this exotic area has to offer without missing a thing. Here are seven reasons why traveling by boat is awesome, and how to plan your next trip along the Amazon River.

1. You’ll See Plants that You’ve Never Seen Before.

You may have seen exotic plants in books or magazines, but have you seen them in person? Just one hectare or 2.47 acres of land in the Amazon forest houses over 750 different types of trees and 1,500 different types of plants. Many of these plants are located on the river and can only be seen by boat.

2. You’ll Discover that the Air is Better in the Amazon.

Because of its rich plant life, the Amazon is known as the “lungs of our planet.” Plants keep the air clean by recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. Research shows that more than 20 percent of the total oxygen in the world is made in the Amazon.

Imagine how much better the air smells and feels compared to where you live today! When you travel by boat on the Amazon, you’ll breathe the purest air in the world while floating on calm waters. On the other hand, road trips and airplane rides are stuffy and don’t allow you to enjoy the full experience of being on the Amazon. Boat travel is truly the best place to unwind and recharge.

3. Boat Travel is the Only Way to See the Entire Amazon.

Most people don’t realize how big the Amazon is. Research shows that the Amazonian Rainforest covers over approximately one billion acres. It encompasses areas of Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, and the Eastern Andean region of Peru and Ecuador.

If you were to turn the Amazon Rainforest into a country, it would be the ninth biggest in the world. While you can easily travel by car or plane to see much of the Amazon, boat travel is the only way to guarantee you’ll see all of it.

4. You’ll Dine Like a King.

When you travel by boat on the Amazon, you’ll be delighted by the various dishes that your cruise provides. Guests can expect to find exotic recipes that include local ingredients prepared by experienced chefs and cooks. Vegetarians need not worry as Amazon cruises offer a wide variety of local fruits and vegetables to prepare delicious salads from. With around 3000 different types of edible river fish available in the Amazon, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

When you travel through the Amazon tribes of Ecuador and Peru, be sure to try their local, fermented manioc-based drink. Or choose from one of more than 150 different fruit juices in Brazil alone. With so many options to choose from, you’ll dine like a king and never go thirsty when you travel by boat on the Amazon.

5. You’ll Get to Experience Fresh Water in Person.

When is the last time you traveled to a beach or lake? Even if it was recently, chances are that the water was not nearly as fresh as the Amazon.

The Amazon River stretches 6400 kilometers or 4000 miles in length and anywhere between four and 50 kilometers wide, making it the second longest river in the world. Research shows that approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s fresh water flows right through it at a rate of 219,000 meters cubed per second. This means that when you travel by boat on the Amazon, you’ll see the home of some of the freshest water on Earth. The fresh water coupled with the fresh air is reason enough to take a boat trip on the Amazon.

6. You Might Not Be Able to See the Amazon Someday.

Research shows that rainforests are disappearing from the Earth’s surface at an alarming rate. Approximately one and one half acres of rainforests are destroyed every second due to construction and developing needs.

Experts suggest that we lose approximately 137 animal, plant, and insect species every day due to deforestation. This equals 50,000 different species per year. When you travel by boat to see the Amazon, you’ll be experiencing something that might not be there much longer.

7. You’ll Get to Participate in Once-in-a-lifetime Activities.

Traveling by boat on the Amazon means that you’ll get to participate in once-in-a-lifetime activities, such as:

  • Interacting with pink river dolphins
  • Visiting the local community
  • Fishing for piranhas
  • Walking through the jungle
  • Visiting national parks
  • Interacting with the wildlife
  • Indulging in fresh food

Finally, you’ll become part of an elite group of people who have traveled to the Amazon, which means you’ll be responsible for taking care of it. After you see the beauty of the Amazon in person when you travel by boat, you’ll be more likely to take precautionary measures to help preserve it.

According to one study, the Amazon might soon be past the point of saving. This means that everyone needs to do their part. Climate change is a big risk factor, but you can take action by purchasing sustainable rainforest products and supporting the native people’s economy while you’re there.

When you’re ready to travel by boat, you can get in touch with us here. We offer a wide variety of cruises to meet any budget. If you want to stay on land, then you can choose from one of many different lodges to suit your needs. Consider a group tour and bring your friends and family along for one of the best ways to travel in the world.

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