amazon rainforest cruise
amazon rainforest cruise

What level of hiking is needed to on Amazon tours in Brazil?

Though Amazon river cruises take you deep into the heart of the jungle and provide passengers with a fantastic insight into life in the rainforest, one of the best ways to get a real taste of life in the Amazon is to join a hike into the jungle’s interior.

Luckily, hiking opportunities in the Brazilian Amazon are plentiful and most Amazon tours in Brazil will offer a few hiking options as part of their cruise package, giving passengers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the real Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon tripHiking in the Brazilian Amazon

Most good quality Amazon tours in Brazil are well used to passengers of all abilities and so are able to tailor hikes and excursions to a range of capabilities.

From short, morning or afternoon hikes to full day excursions, passengers should be able to choose the adventure that suits them best.

The main challenge that affects hikers in the Brazilian Amazon is the heat, with the average daily temperature in the rainforest is 26˚C and high humidity often making it feel even warmer.

This can make hiking a little tougher, so be sure to pack a good supply of water and to wear comfortable walking shoes and lightweight clothing.

In general, those wanting to join a jungle hike should have a reasonable level of fitness, though most Amazon tours in Brazil will try to accommodate all levels of ability.

What can you expect to see on an Amazon hike?

As well as experiencing the interior of the world’s largest rainforest, a hike into the jungle is the perfect opportunity for spotting the local wildlife.

Noisy tamarind monkeys, colourful macaws and slow-moving sloths can all be spotted in the jungle canopy, with a huge variety of insects, birds and other rainforest inhabitants adding to the cacophony of sounds and vibrant jungle life.

world tour amazonHiking regions

Some of the best and most accessible places for hiking in the Amazon are to be found in its natural reserves. In some, specialist hiking trails have been constructed to give visitors an even better view of the jungle and its inhabitants.

Most Amazon tours in Brazil will take passengers to areas like the Anavilhanas Archipelago, Jaú National Park and the Mamiraua Reserve which are all great for hiking and will give visitors an authentic and exciting taste of jungle life.

As the Amazon can be a fairly extreme environment, it’s always best to travel with a fully qualified guide when trekking in the jungle, they’ll be able to explain all of the most important aspects of the rainforest and ensure you stay safe throughout your time in the Amazon.

If you’re looking for an exhilarating, informative and unforgettable Amazon cruise Brazil is definitely the place to go. With so much variety, bio-diversity and virgin Jungle to be explored, you’re guaranteed to be enthralled and entertained for the duration of your Amazon adventure.

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