amazon river boat cruise
amazon river boat cruise

Piranha fishing on Amazon River trips

hough we’ve all heard of the flesh-eating piranha, few of us have actually ever seen these legendary beasts outside of a Bond villain’s lair or local aquarium.

However, in the Amazon these sharp-toothed fish are common, making their home in the rivers and tributaries that make up this vast eco-system.

Amazon tripFishing for piranhas on Amazon River trips is a great way to get closer to nature, and will finally give you the opportunity to come face to face with these almost mythical creatures.

Many of the best Amazon cruises offer piranha fishing as an optional excursion, and if you’re creating a custom trip, adding a fishing expedition shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Whether you’re a keen fisherman at home or not, piranha fishing on the Amazon is unlike anything you will have experienced before.

Simply being that close to the mighty river and seeing the jungle spilling over the banks into the water is an experience in itself. Throw in carnivorous fish and you’ve got the perfect mix for a great adventure.

Many of the Amazon River trips that operate in the jungle provide guests with basic fishing equipment and a guide to show you the ropes. With razor sharp teeth and a ferocious appetite for meat, piranhas are unlike any fish you will have come across before, and so it may come as no surprise that fishing for them is something fairly unique too.

Forget being silent and quietly waiting for the fish to take your bait, piranha fishing is a noisy affair, and if there are piranhas nearby, they’ll take your bait without much hesitation at all. Once you’ve got one hooked, it’s time to whip it out of the water and into the boat, being very careful to avoid contact with those lethal jaws as you go.

river cruise amazonWhether you cook the fish up for lunch or not will depend on which of the Amazon River trips you travel with. Some guides will even boil the flesh off of the head so that you can take the skull and teeth home as fearsome a souvenir.

Full of adventure, adrenaline and excitement, piranha fishing makes a great addition to Amazon River trips, giving visitors a first hand experience of the jungle and the unique creature that live their.

So, if you fancy getting up close and personal with flesh-eating fish, grab your rod, jump in a boat and get stuck in.

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