Kayaking on the Amazon River
Kayaking on the Amazon River

Rainforest Activities and Tours to Do on Your Cruise

Hold onto your captain’s quarters…your Amazon rainforest cruise is set to begin!

It’s the second longest river in the world. With a 4,100-mile river system, the Amazon winds its way in and around 8 of South America’s countries.

For many, this kind of cruise is a once in a lifetime adventure. Plan to make the most of every single moment! That means you’ll want to get off that boat and find some rainforest activities to enjoy.

Here are 7 ways to see and do more on your Amazon cruise.

Beyond the Boat: 7 Amazing Rainforest Activities and Tours

Cruising is an experience all its own. And, river cruising is a relaxing and intimate experience unlike any other.

You’ll enjoy nature and native culture as you’ve never seen it. Explore local villages and meet people the world rarely sees. Watch spider monkeys span the canopy, swinging limb to limb, while Jaguars prowl the land.

With the canopy above and the Amazon’s native creatures below, it’s sure to be quite an adventure.

Don’t get stuck on board the whole trip. There are great options for tours, experiences, and activities beyond the ship’s deck!

1. Paddle Boarding

Take to the waters on a stand-up paddleboard. A long, wide board with a paddle, you’ll navigate water’s the cruise ship cannot. See things out in the wilds that you’d miss, otherwise.

The Amazon is a calm river, so it’s perfect for paddle boarding. If you’re worried about balance, you can sit on the board, too.

On a paddleboard, you’ll get a closer look at the river’s fishes. Get closer to native plants and animals, too. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable activity to break up your cruise.

2. Kayaking

Like paddleboarding, you’ll get a much closer look at the Amazon’s native species. But, a kayak is a bit more stable than a paddleboard. It takes little balance or skill to enjoy.

You’ll sit inside a narrow boat and enjoy the views. Kayaking brings you down to eye level with the rainforest and its unique inhabitants. Paddle through remote areas of the Amazon at a nice, slow pace!

3. Jungle Hikes

Put on your hiking boots and get in touch with Amazon nature!

Jungle hikes are the best way to see native plants and animals in the rainforest. All while following trails and the safety advice of a guide.

On a jungle hike, you can learn about medicinal and poisonous plants that live in the rainforest. Colorful and unique, seeing these plants in their native habitat is exciting.

Going to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve? Try crossing the La Posada canopy bridge. It takes you into the soaring heights of the Amazon rainforest’s canopy!

4. World Heritage Sites

Want to see protected species and true biodiversity? Check out UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Amazon.

The Central Amazon Conservation Complex is the largest. It includes more than 14,826 acres of protected land.

It’s a noble project with plenty of beauty to share. Drylands, swamplands, waterfalls, and all the plants and animals that live within. The goal is to preserve land and protect all species of plants and animals in the region.

5. Visit Local Communities

Looking to meet the people of the Amazon? Want to try local cuisine? Then, visit some of the native villages and communities along your cruise route.

This is a learning experience that isn’t matched. You’ll meet tribes that have unique customs and beliefs. Learn about schools and education from native teachers and students.

Try foods you’ve never seen and shop artisan’s handcrafted wares. You’ll leave an Amazon community with an appreciation for their unique way of life.

Rainforest Activities and Tours to Do on Your Cruise6. Swim with Native Fishes

Set aside your fears and dive into the Amazon’s waters. This is one rainforest activity you’ve got to experience.

The Amazon is home to 5,600 species of freshwater fish. Why not take a swim and see how many you can find?

Here are a few you should look for on your swim.

Pink Dolphin

freshwater dolphin with pink skin? Amazing! And, you’ll agree once you’ve seen them in person.

Swim with these friendly and energetic creatures right in the Amazon river. You can pet and play with them, too!

Piramutaba Catfish

A giant catfish, this one swims deep in the Amazon freshwater. This catfish is a dark grey on top, with a white belly. It’s very migratory, as it’s thought to travel more than 2174 miles each year.

Altum Angel

The Altum Angel is a very recognizable fish. You’ve likely seen one in your friend’s aquarium or the pet store.

Or, you might even own one! To see this fish in the wild will give you a great topic of conversation.

The Altum Angel is native to the Amazon, and you’ll recognize it the moment you see it. With its coin-shaped body and long, flowing fins, the Angel is a beauty among fishes.

7. Fishing for Piranhas

Piranhas are native to the freshwaters of the Amazon. And, they’re the unfortunate species known as predatory man-eaters.

It’s true they do have sharp teeth and eat meat. Though eating a man may be a stretch.

The Piranha prefers to attack dying or dead prey. So, unless you’re bleeding you’re most likely too risky to attack. That said, it’s safer to stick to fishing for them instead of swimming.

So find a Piranha fishing tour, instead. Under the instruction of your guide, you’ll use a wooden pole to fish right off a skiff. Exactly like the natives.

Spend the afternoon fishing for piranha, and return them to the wilds when you’re done!

Plan Your Itinerary, Today!

Cruising the Amazon is only the beginning of your adventure. Take some time to research your tour and activity options! There are plenty of rainforest activities to enjoy beyond the boat!

Looking for more information about cruising in the Amazon? Contact us, today!

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