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world tour amazon

Tribe makes first contact with outside world

world tour amazonIf you though Marty McFly had a lot to take in when he landed in a futuristic 2015 in Back to the Future Part II, just imagine what the learning curve is like for Amazonian tribes making contact with the outside world for the very first time.

Though there are currently no hoverboards to be seen, computers, planes, mobile phones and even cameras must seem just as incredible and outlandish to people who have lived an unchanged way of life for millenia.

For many passengers on board Amazon river trips, the thought of coming into contact with these mysterious and ancient tribes makes the journey even more exciting. So, if you’re joining one of the many Amazon cruises that operate in the region, here are some fascinating facts about the uncontacted tribes and the region that live in.Amazon Tribus

How many un-contacted tribes are there?

Due to their elusive nature and rejection of the modern world, getting an accurate estimate of the number of uncontacted tribes still living in the Amazon is incredibly difficult.

Most experts place the number at around 67 in Brazil and 15 in Peru. Though thanks to the dense and inaccessible jungle landscape, many more people could be living completely isolated from the outside world without our knowledge.

the world tour amazonCould you spot uncontacted tribes on Amazon River trips?

Though the appearance in August 2014 of an uncontacted tribe in the Brazilian Amazon may make it seem like an encounter is more likely, in reality the recently emerged group was forced out of their jungle home by illegal loggers and others looking to aggressively take control of their ancestral lands.

Most other uncontacted tribes go to great lengths to remain hidden, confronting any intruders who threaten their isolation and rejecting all aspects of the modern world unless it’s absolutely necessary to make contact.

However, if you do want to get a taste of indigenous culture, most Amazon river trips offer excursions to local villages, giving you the chance to sample traditional food, talk to jungle residents and experience what life is like in the Amazon.Amazon Tribus

Will more tribes contact the outside world in the future?

As more and more people look to exploit the natural resources of the Amazon, the pressure on uncontacted tribes will grow, potentially forcing many more out into the open.

And though the chances of spotting an uncontacted trip during Amazon river trips will remain small, if you keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you may see.

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