tucano amazon cruise
tucano amazon cruise

We’re almost through this thing

We’re almost through this thing.
People will travel when they feel safe. Thank goodness, vaccine is beginning to be widely distributed. Soon, soon, the travel urge will return. Let’s do what we can to help people have confidence to travel.

Our Cruises are Naturally Safe….

1) Our Staff: It’s the people that count. We have kept the crew of the Motor Yacht Tucano together. In making our Safe Zone our mariners have become carpenters and our chef a painter. Many have worked with us for decades. They are conscientious, thoughtful, and very careful. We all take care of each other!

2) Small Groups: With a small number of travelers and crew we can be sure that our contacts are healthy. Our typical group size is just 16 travelers.

3) Wilderness Sanctuary: We are in very remote wild rainforest, away from groups of people and other travelers! We distance by hundreds of miles!

And Now in Some New Ways…..

4) Safe Zone: We have a host of procedures and policies to keep people safe. Everyone and everything that enters our Tucano Safe Zone has been cleared to be healthy and contamination free, and we keep it that way.

5) Tucano Rendezvous: An important part of our safe zone is the new departure / arrival lounge in the historic city center of Manaus, the Tucano Rendezvous. Here travelers check in before the cruise and at the end of the cruise they can relax before outbound flights – staying in the zone!

6) Vaccination Required: Everyone that comes into our safe zone, crew and passengers alike, must be vaccinated. With everyone vaccinated, we can all feel secure.

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