peru orchids
peru orchids

A Detailed Guide Of Orchids of Peru

Are you thinking of visiting Peru? This place is fascinating and unique. It has many cultural and natural treasures. For years, Peru has been a fascinating destination for many tourists. Peru has a large variety and diverse ecosystems.

The best way to enjoy the marvels of Peru is by taking an Amazon River Cruise as it offers a wonderful opportunity to see wildlife and flora while exploring the National Reserves and tropical rainforests of Peru. Truly an exceptional experience.

Since Amazon rainforest is the largest in the World, it is home to various unique flora and fauna. While cruising the Amazon Jungle, you will be able to see hundreds of exotic plants. One of the native flowers you will find are orchids; there are more than 30,000 species of orchids present in the world. In Peru, you will find over 3,000 fabulous species.

Orchids are known as a legendary flower that can be found at in tropical regions and rainforests. These flowers are admired for their beauty and are one of the most favorite houseplants. In ancient times, orchids were linked to royalty and were only grown in private gardens. It is known that every time a Royal princess walked by, women used to throw orchid flowers on her path.

Peru is truly a living paradise for a flower enthusiasts.

Orchids in Peru

You can find Peruvian orchid garden at Machu Picchu near Aguas Calientes where lies one of the World’s largest native Orchid collection at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel. Here is a list of the most famous species you can find in Peru:

Machu Picchu


This magical orchid is a single flower plant that grows on rocks. The flowers have orange sepals, and, on the sides, it has purple spots. 

According to the legend, young Inca princess was selected to dedicate her life to worship God and was locked in the temple. This prevented her to see the soldier she was in love with. So, where her tears fell in the ground, an orchid would grow; it is why it is considered as a national treasure of Peru.

Winay Wayna

This Peruvian orchid can be found along the Inca Trail and at Machu Picchu. It is an orchid with multiple white and fuchsia flowers. Every bloom is nearly an inch in width. Winay Wayna means “Forever Young”. A great thing about this flower is that it is pollinated by both, birds and butterflies. The essences made from this flower are believed to conserve vitality and youth.


One of the most famous species of Peru Orchids is Masdevallia Veitchiana. This flower is among the most beautiful orchids in the world; it can be found in the northwestern part of Peru. The locals call it Gallo-Gallo which means “rooster”. It has a rooster like red comb, waffles, and crest of the flower. It is rumored that it was cultivated by the Incas many centuries ago. They referred to it as Waqnki or Wackanqui. It is also called the Queen/King of Machu Picchu.


The most commonly found orchid in Machu Picchu is Paradise orchid, also known as Sobralia Dichotoma. It has 5 to 8 flowers and is pink and white in color. The blooming period of this species is from February to April. Since it is an ephemeral orchid, it will only last for a few days. The essence of this orchid has a grounding and soothing impact.

 sobralia orchid
sobralia orchid can often be found during machu pichu hiking tours



San Martin Region

Cattleya Rex

The Mayo Valley is known as “Land of Orchids”. This is where you can see Cattleya Rex and other species. Here you can see most of the 3,000 species of orchids in Peru. This is native to montane forests. It is a showy white flower with cylindric pseudobulbs with one leaf at the top.



This is a medium to large size orchid that can grow well in cool to hot places. This species of Peruvian orchid has variation in plant size and color. This flower can be found at elevations starting from 400 to 2400 meters. The blooms of this species are triangular in shape and can be extremely showy.

beautiful Peruvian Lycaste




This type of orchid is mostly found in the lower tropical forest. Mostly, they are grown on the rotten area of a tree, like rotten trunks or branches. The pseudobulbs have veined deciduous leaves and the inflorescence is created from the middle. This flower is perfect for warm conditions and when growing they require a lot of water. Once maturity is reached, water should be withheld.


This is one of the most famous species of flowers native to Peru. It has large ribbed pseudobulbs with 2 to 3 veined leaves. The inflorescence is produced at the base and hangs straight down. This plant grows well in ant nests in lowland wet and humid forests.


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